Taiwan CKS memorial hall was painted and broadcast live through Facebook coinwatch

"Taiwan Memorial Hall" was painted by Facebook live painting scene original title: "in the memorial hall" was painted by Facebook network broadcast [Global Times reported] Taiwan "free Taiwan party" 25 to Taipei "in the memorial hall" painting, the implementation of the so-called "transitional justice". According to Taiwan’s "Central News Agency" reports, "free Taiwan party" 25 to "CKS Memorial Hall", through the Facebook network live broadcast of the action, at the same time publish the declaration of painting action. The party said they put placards on the bronze statue of Jiang Jieshi, and sprayed 6 so-called authoritarian "victims" on the walls with red paint, including Zheng Nanrong who burned himself. "Free Taiwan party said," these people are really need to commemorate the people, and should not be in memory of Jiang Jieshi, the "paint, paint to authoritarian", they are "the first step in 2016 the implementation of transitional justice," but it won’t be the last step, will continue to move forward, until the exile system completely destroyed". It is learnt that the liberal Taiwan party tends to be "independent" in the political position". Coincidentally, on the same day, the Yunlin science and Technology University Jiang Jieshi bronze statue was sprayed with white paint, and made of cotton beard and white sticky, hand also put a bucket of fried chicken, is simply "Kentucky Fried Chicken Grandpa."". Joint news network 25, said, these news occurred in the "2· 28 Incident" Commemoration of the eve of the people feel particularly sensitive. The Yunlin county Party chairman said that Taiwan is a society ruled by law, the statue has been listed by the "cultural heritage protection law" as a monument, hope that we can rationally face the past and future of Taiwan. Editor: the flourishing SN123

台湾“中正纪念堂”被喷漆并通过脸谱直播 喷漆现场   原标题:台“中正纪念堂”被喷漆 并通过脸谱专网直播   [环球时报综合报道]台湾“自由台湾党”25日到台北“中正纪念堂”喷漆,落实所谓的“转型正义”。   据台湾“中央社”报道,“自由台湾党”25日到“中正纪念堂”,通过脸谱专网直播这次行动,同时发表喷漆行动宣言。该党称,他们在蒋介石铜像挂上告示牌,在墙壁上以红漆喷上6个所谓威权时代“受难者”的名字,包括自焚的郑南榕等。“自由台湾党”称,这些人才是真正需要纪念的人,而不应该纪念蒋介石,此次“喷漆,予威权落漆”,是他们2016年落实“转型正义”的第一步,“但不会是最后一步,将会持续前进,直到将流亡政府体制彻底击毁”。据悉,“自由台湾党”在政治立场上倾向“急独”。   无独有偶,同一天,云林科技大学的蒋介石铜像被全身喷上白漆,并用棉花做成胡子及白发粘上,手上还放个炸鸡桶,简直就是“肯德基爷爷”。   联合新闻网25日称,这些新闻发生在“2·28事件”纪念前夕让人觉得特别敏感。国民党云林县党部主委称,台湾是个法治社会,铜像已列为古迹受“文资法”保护,希望大家能理性面对台湾的过去及未来。 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: