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Thalmic Labs financing billions of dollars, the mystery is in the patent technology – Thalmic Labs is Sohu Myo gesture control arm band creator, they seem to be developing another can be used to control the VR wristbands, wristbands can sense your finger movements. The company unveiled a new product, B round of financing to get $120 million. The first generation of Myo failed to open the market Thalmic Labs B round of financing investors, there are a number of well-known investors. Lead investor capital including Intel, Amazon Alexa Canada Fund, Fidelity Investment group. The first funding will be used to enable the company to "achieve our vision for the next century" – to integrate human beings with the digital world. "Myo is the first generation prototype in 2012 did, officially appeared in public in 2014. Before the appearance, Thalmic Labs released a wave of reservations. However, their first product Myo arm with a flat market, and now they actually got a huge amount of financing. Tight degree of Myo through the user mobile arm muscles to infer the gestures, these data obtained with motion sensor combination, the input data is converted to the corresponding application feedback to go through the wireless transmission mode. In short, when wearing a Myo arm, you can control the game and the application by moving and rotating your arms as well as some of the more common gestures. However, more advanced Thalmic Labs Myo product concept, they advanced interactive mode is not applicable to the calculation of daily, they developed a set of application in UAV Demo, but the UAV market for consumer level, this pattern is too far ahead. Later, the product wants to enter the field of VR, but subject to its accuracy, its market acceptance is very low. Get huge financing because of this patent? According to anonymous sources have a connection with Thalmic Labs before the staff revealed that the company has hired VR and HCI professionals and their next generation products expected to launch at the end of this year. At the same time, he also revealed that the new equipment will form a wristband, and gesture recognition more detailed than before, also seem to detect independent finger gestures. News sources claim that the core technology behind this product is derived from the Systems, articles, and for wearable human-electronics interface devices in June last year, Thalmic Labs patent application. When we tried to verify the Thalmic Labs, they declined to comment. The patent document is difficult to understand, but there is a patent document.相关的主题文章: