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The 8 year old street was knocked down the driver said the hospital will throw its wild original title: the driver said the hospital thrown her wild Chinese daily news (reporter Yang Hao Intern Bai Tingting) "I thought he would take me to the hospital, did not think to throw me into the wild." Yesterday, filed in the evening of November 18th took place, 80 year old Luo old sad. The driver picked it up in the old man on the bus is outside the roadside at about 3 pm yesterday, the China Daily reporter saw the old lady in the inpatient department, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi University of TCM, her right leg has been playing on the thick plaster, the old man was diagnosed as right ankle fractures, has been unable to move. Luo said the old woman, 18 in the afternoon, she came back from Xi’an, take the 21 bus and get off at the north gate of the cell. When crossing the street, her right leg was a white car to hang on, after she reeled kneeling on the ground, then the car stopped in front of her more than and 10 meters. On the car down a more than and 30 year old boy, he said to take me to the hospital, took me to the car." Ms. Luo said. "I thought this guy was fine, and I thought he was going to take me to the hospital. I didn’t think he was going to throw me out in the wild." Luo old lady said sadly, on the train, he found a young woman in the car. They drove all the way to the West and then go into a small alley, where seven turn finally came to a place where no one is stopping. "He said after parking, I see you are not serious, I want to buy you some supplements." Luo said the old woman, when the driver said, she should be feeling each other not to send her to the hospital. But she insisted on going to the hospital. The other drove west. On the way, the old man called his son. However, to a dark side of the road, the driver actually dragged the old man to get off, and snatch the old man’s cell phone. The old man refused to let go, the other end up driving snatch, disappeared in the darkness. Man riding a motorcycle through the old man to contact the police, I do not know where it is, just listen to the sound of water, as if the river. I yelled for help, but no one after. After waiting for more than an hour, there was a man riding a motorcycle, he went out more than and 100 meters and turn around, found me, and then took me to a bright place." The old lady said, in the process of waiting for her, she gave her son in Shenzhen to make a phone call, the son also reported to the police, but she did not know where they are, the police can not find her. Later, the man riding the motorcycle to take her to the Bridge No. three, and traffic police brigade police and 120 emergency personnel on the head. It is understood that the name of the name of the old lady found Luo cao. He said that night, he was riding a motorcycle through here, he heard someone crying for help, he will stop to see, the original is an old man on the phone is like the police, the old man said he was hit, the driver threw her in here. Cao Master said, found the old man is near Lu Village qindouou embankment road. "It’s too cold." Yesterday, the old lady’s son, Mr. Lee said he was handsome相关的主题文章: