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The car wading trapped driver was rescued after the rush home was drunk driving without a license – Beijing, Yangzi Evening News (correspondent reporter Mei Jianming Xuan Pu Gong Yue sword) 2 October 27th afternoon, Pukou police received the command room came together with the emergency alarm: Korea Railway Culvert in Yongning Village, a black off-road vehicles wading, was trapped, in need of emergency relief. The police immediately rushed to the scene in the rain, after contact with the alarm call, the other said I could not swim, now at any time of danger, the police side to comfort, while commanding man climbed to the roof top waiting for rescue. In less than five minutes, the police arrived at the incident of the culvert, it is found that emergency vehicles flooded, the water has flooded the roof quickly, the police man was trapped in the roof. Because the police rescue rope is not long enough, the police and from large trucks on the road from the rope, the police Chen Hefu police undressed, swam to the side of the car, with a rope tied up trapped vehicles, traction to a black SUV pulled out from the depths of the water using the trailer, driving the man rushed from the roof climb down. After being rescued, the man did not like the past as rescuers said to the police, but anxious to go home, which aroused the vigilance of the police. Police asked the man to be rescued to produce the relevant documents, but the other refused to produce, and answer questions when police flashing words. After questioning the police scene, that rescued Wang, 45 years old, Hubei, a restaurant in Nanjing cook. However, in the process of questioning in the police found Wang suspected of drunk driving, alcohol testing, blood alcohol content reaches 54mg 100ml. Accept after detection process in confirmed test results for Wang, Wang actually regardless of their own can not swim, but to deep water running, in order to ensure the safety of Wang, the police immediately catch up, the control back to the squadron for further investigation. Finally, in the face of evidence, Wang to me by other vehicles driving without a license, and I just finished drinking wine driving illegal confessed. At present, the suspect Wang was arrested for driving without a license and drunk fifteen days, a fine of $two thousand administrative penalty.相关的主题文章: