The cash new Denon eight beta send iPhone 7p

The cash "new Denon eight" iPhone 7P 7.5 beta send CGWR score novice card booking | new Denon eight area lead: "new Denon eight" 2016 piece of information "Guiguzi Qimou" that beta tomorrow! New martial GUI falls, the dual attributes of five odd array, can control the output of milk! A cash reward pack, 2888 cash, iPhone7P send Yinghao; old account can exchange money, 7 gems, Paris artifact portrait run; to play a variety of rare mounts shiden GUI, so you get! The new service will be hot open: [for] double aspect world chess and double hand screen day [] and [] and double lane overturning rivers and lakes [] lawless shrouded, overturning rivers and lakes 1 activities: [million cash reward] pack to celebrate the new martial art to come, we are ready to pay a war. To the Quartet, so various martial arts hero to prepare for the open beta! Participate in the appointment packs, that have the opportunity to draw 888 yuan in cash prizes! Complete the total online task will have the chance to get 2888 yuan in cash envelopes, including permanent shiden, iPhone7P, sky wings, Tianma and other heavy! A cash reward pack > > >   million in cash, the cash reward Pack: receive appointment packs, have a chance to get 888 cash prizes. You can meet online time click "shiden a hero" button to participate in the lottery, a chance to get 2888 cash, iPhone7P, shiden. Activity time: November 9th – November 23rd: 24:00 million in cash to send friends to meet the conditions of friends can participate in sweepstakes, each must draw 5 purple soul, organic will get 666 yuan in cash. To meet the specific conditions of the old game player can also receive the upgrade gift, cherish the precious stones, materials, rare props everything, have the opportunity to extract cash 1888 yuan. Activity time: November 9th – November 23rd 24:00 new service: cash envelopes Geluyinghao can scan two-dimensional code access hero, after examination by the district can receive exclusive rewards. During the event, for the first time into four new services and game player reaches a certain standard, can participate in the draw two times, the highest award of 3000 yuan in cash envelopes, more multiple hot delivery items. Activity time: November 17th – December 1st scan code to prepare for the new clothes, cash envelopes collar 2 activities: [play] shiden to participate in the experience of GUI, GUI, new schools can get multiple awards. Permanent shiden, permanent, permanent Black Pegasus wings Cang lan…… Massive Hao Li sent to stop! During the event, and full service newly created role can participate in activities, extra extra extra gifts, sweepstakes, "hero treasure capsule" will bring huge benefits to everyone. Activity time: November 17th – December 16th to obtain permanent shiden, click to view details > > >   GUI play, send shiden [3: the old account, you can change money].相关的主题文章: