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The child lift finger was snapped, parents should wake up! Sohu in maternal Chinese New Year approaching, the 5 year old seedlings by parents with a large shopping mall near the home of the. Seedlings in the situation without parental care, and the other two are children playing in the mall, two people ride in the mall escalator back and forth several times after the seedlings was suddenly attracted a small piece of paper on the elevator, he curiously reached out to pick up, the elevator has been coming to an end, the high-speed operation of the elevator the seedling right index finger pinch off, suddenly bleeding profusely. People rushed to the police immediately and called the young parents, they will be sent to the hospital for debridement and replantation in section. This is the elevator "bite" situation basically every year, and the main reason causing the tragedy is often due to the parents of children’s safety awareness indifferent. When children take the escalator, it is necessary for adults to accompany, but should not let the child in the absence of any regulation alone in the escalator play. Cause of this tragedy, parents and shopping malls have to undertake the corresponding responsibility, mutual shuffle has no meaning first, regardless of the children take the elevator should be accompanied by an adult. "Whether to write the" security law "special equipment, to parents of minor children to fulfill regulatory obligations, otherwise it will bear the legal responsibility. In addition, the mall to do "take the elevator should be accompanied by an adult." remind children, also does not have the exemption card, the security risks in the use of the use of units, still must undertake the corresponding obligation of security. (PS: now many shopping malls are equipped with the escalator at the security personnel) Xiaobian remind parents of 4 easy to hurt the children where the elevator is a kind of special equipment, regular inspection by the quality supervision department, and issued a certificate of inspection. People do not ride without regular inspection of elevators. The mall Elevator 4 places to hurt the children, parents need to pay special attention to: 1, handrails handrails and apron board slot is positioned between the children, easy to put your finger groove, because the handrail has been moving forward, while the apron plate is stationary, it easy to pinch your fingers, even the fingers pinch off; 2, handrails on both sides of import and export is located below the escalator, close to the ground. When the children in the import and export of escalator down, hands unconsciously grasp the handrail, easy to be involved in the notch injury, curious children may also deliberately put his hand into the notch, leading to accidents; 3, between the pedal and the apron board slot slot here is small, but the greatest harm to the human, elevator accidents previously reported also occurred in this area, once the children’s shoes, clothes are involved, the pedal will run took people pull down, long trousers, skirt, loose shoes could lead to danger; both ends of the gap between the 4 and the comb plate and the pedal in the import of escalator, children’s shoes generally soft soled shoes, small, easy to get in, some of the children to the escalator export position, do not know how to step foot or foot step is not timely, but also easy to Into this crevice, in addition, some lift comb breaks, not timely maintenance, the baby’s feet are also likely to be involved in. Elevator self相关的主题文章: