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The Commission issued 9 enterprises IPO approval direct pricing issue only 1 Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are in use since November last year after the IPO restart, each group to get approval of the number of enterprises are in less than 10, reflects the management of the care market – reporter Zhu Baochen "Securities Daily" reporter learned that, in February 16th, the SFC cloth in accordance with statutory procedures approved 9 companies starting applications. Among them, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 4, Shenzhen stock exchange small and medium plate 2, gem 3. The CSRC requires the enterprises and their underwriters to negotiate the schedule with the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges respectively, and publish the prospectus in succession. This is the second batch of IPO approvals this year. In January 19th, the first batch of 7 enterprises received IPO approval. At the same time, the Securities Daily reporters combed found that since November last year, since the restart of IPO, the number of each batch issued within 10 (including 10). Specifically: 10 in November 20, 2015 and December 3rd, 8 in December 15th, 7 in January 19, 2016. In this regard, insiders said that this reflects the management of the market’s care, reduce the impact of IPO issued to the two market. The 9 companies to obtain approval, the SSE 4 companies are: thousand Wo flavor industry food Limited by Share Ltd, Stellite Zhejiang pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, gold emblem of wine Limited by Share Ltd, Tibet Huayu mining Limited by Share Ltd. Small and medium-sized board of 2 enterprises are: Xiamen bathroom Polytron Technologies Inc, Shenzhen City Art Decoration Group Limited by Share Ltd. 3 enterprises of the gem is: Guangzhou Hao Chi electrical Limited by Share Ltd, Kunming Sichuan Chemical Limited by Share Ltd, Chengdu Yi Sheng new communication technology Limited by Share Ltd. According to the regulations, the number of publicly issued shares is below 20 million shares (including), and there is no old stock transfer plan, which is directly priced and issued to all online investors. Therefore, in the first batch of approved enterprises, 3 enterprises direct pricing issue. The 9 enterprises, there are 1 companies directly priced issued, Chengdu Xin Sheng communications technology Limited by Share Ltd. According to the prospectus, Chengdu Xin Yi Sheng communications technology Limited by Share Ltd intends to issue 19 million 400 thousand shares. The project will be used to supplement the working capital project, R & D center construction project and optical module production line construction project, the total amount of investment is 364 million 526 thousand yuan. This year the first batch of 7 new shares, the success rate than the previous issue of new shares fell sharply. For the second batch of 9 new shares in the success rate, the industry forecast will continue the first batch of cases. Fortune Securities, Beijing Chaoyang District East Third Ring Road business department general manager Zhao Huan told the Securities Daily reporters, the new shares success rate dropped sharply, the reason is because according to the new regulations, hit new does not need to advance money to freeze funds, but in the ballot after payment. In this way, the "hands" of the retail investors have been liberated to the greatest extent, and they are no longer bound by the quilt of the stock market, nor need to face the theory

证监会核发9家企业IPO批文 直接定价发行者仅1家 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   自去年11月份IPO重启后,每批获得批文的企业数量均在10家以内,体现了管理层对市场的呵护   ■本报记者 朱宝琛   《证券日报》记者了解到,2月16日,证监会布按法定程序核准了9家企业的首发申请。其中,上交所4家,深交所中小板2家,创业板3家。证监会要求上述企业及其承销商将分别与沪深交易所协商确定发行日程,并陆续刊登招股文件。   这是今年第二批获得IPO批文的企业。1月19日,首批7家企业获得IPO批文。   与此同时,《证券日报》记者梳理发现,自去年11月份IPO重启以来,每批次发行的数量均在10家以内(含10家)。具体为:2015年11月20日和12月3日各为10家,12月15日8家,2016年1月19日7家。   对此,有业内人士称,这体现了管理层对市场的呵护,降低IPO发行对二级市场的冲击。   本次获得批文的9家企业中,上交所的4家企业是:千禾味业食品股份有限公司、浙江司太立制药股份有限公司、金徽酒股份有限公司、西藏华钰矿业股份有限公司。   中小板的2家企业是:厦门瑞尔特卫浴科技股份有限公司、深圳市建艺装饰集团股份有限公司。   创业板的3家企业是:广州市昊志机电股份有限公司、昆明川金诺化工股份有限公司、成都新易盛通信技术股份有限公司。   根据规定,公开发行股票数量在2000万股(含)以下且无老股转让计划的,直接定价并全部向网上投资者发行。因此,在第一批获得批文的企业中,有3家企业直接定价发行。此次9家企业中,也有1家企业直接定价发行,为成都新易盛通信技术股份有限公司。   根据招股说明书,成都新易盛通信技术股份有限公司拟发行1940万股。筹集资金将用于的项目分别为补充营运资金项目、研发中心建设项目和光模块生产线建设项目,投资金额总计36452.6万元。   今年首批发行的7只新股,中签率较此前发行的新股大幅下降。对于第二批9只新股的中签率,业内人士预测将会延续第一批的情况。   财富证券北京朝阳区东三环中路营业部总经理赵欢告诉《证券日报》记者,新股中签率大幅下降,究其原因,是因为根据新规,打新不需要提前打款冻结资金,而是在中签后进行缴款。这样,散户的“双手”得到最大程度的解放,打新不再受股票是否被套的束缚,也无需面临资金冻结的烦恼,一旦中签,再进行缴款,真正做到打新、买股两不误。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: