The Construction Bank to seriously investigate and discipline problems of the first half of t

Construction Bank: seriously investigate and discipline problems of   the first half of the disciplinary punishment 139 people – Politics – in Beijing in October 8, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department website news, China Construction Bank China Commission for Discipline Inspection Based on accountability and discipline supervision, adhere to the problem oriented, focus on building the "found the problem, severely punished, warning notification" to discipline regulations "trilogy". Big eyes to find the problem, using a variety of ways, a variety of channels to find violations of discipline clues. Smooth mass petition reporting channels, in strict accordance with the five disposal disposal of complaints and reports, the first half of this year, the bank reported 594 letters were received, involving seven level (deputy director) cadres petition report, unified organization Verification Commission reported to the head office. Adhere to the functional orientation of political inspections, the head office set up five inspection teams, the establishment of a total of 37 branches of the inspection system, each line according to the actual situation of the establishment of 1-4 inspection teams. In a County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Ministry of supervision organizations at the grass-roots level in Discipline Inspection commissioners, to clean government and supervision and discipline of accountability, the Ombudsman to reach 2173 people, be close to the line, found the problem, an important force to strengthen supervision. China Construction Bank to implement the main responsibility of the Party committee to the decomposition of various departments, clear the various departments must promptly to discipline inspection and supervision departments found violations of discipline clues. The first half of this year, the entire line of conversation letter consultation 95 people, of which the head office departments and branches of the main person in charge of 17 passengers. Given disciplinary punishment 139 people, among them, light punishment Party of 114 passengers, 25 passengers and heavy punishment. Serious violations of the alleged crime of personnel, resolutely transferred to judicial organs, the first half of a total of 6 people transferred. At the same time, adhere to the strict line of conduct, in violation of the rules and regulations of the Construction Bank strictly conduct verification processing, the first half to give administrative sanctions 2223 passengers. Increase the intensity of the notification, to investigate the issue of violation of discipline, the principle of a branch should be informed of the investigation and management of the head office of cadres and major typical problems, by the head of the Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin. During the visit, the bank held a "strictly positive wind Su Ji" warning education assembly, informed of the investigation of the scene more than 40 discipline problems, giving names, people see things, and strengthen the deterrent. The establishment of the normalization of discipline violation notification mechanism, this year, 4 batches of notification from the disciplinary problems, the formation of accountability, for example, the effect of a piece of education 9. (Zhang Yuke, Zongli commissioning editor: 8)相关的主题文章: