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The EU given Britain’s "special position" means what the Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency in Brussels in February 20, after 30 hours of negotiations, the EU will make concessions, show the "retain" British intention; on the other hand, the British in the EU or by the British people decided. The agreement is the result of the concessions of both sides, although the agreement is not directly related to the issue of Britain’s fate, it is of great significance to the British people who are wavering. For the past few days, Britain and the European Union have been engaged in intensive negotiations to reach the agreement. The agreement reached on 19 days has legal effect, including the reform measures of the European Union in the future financial management, personnel mobility and social welfare, sovereignty and so on. "For the unification of the European Union, we are willing to sacrifice part of our interest." Tusk, President of the Council of Europe, said after the meeting. He said the negotiations were tense and tense, but fortunately the leaders were never far from the negotiating table. Cameron said he would introduce the agreement to the British cabinet on 20 and seek support. According to public opinion, an agreement is the result of the concessions made by both sides. Early referendum release positive signals, the United Kingdom in Europe, but do not think they belong to Europe, its economic size ranked second in the European Union, but not in Schengen, the euro area. Britain has always been suspicious of Europe and Europe, and plans to hold a referendum in the EU until the end of 2017. The media has previously argued that Cameron may advance the UK referendum date to June this year to take advantage of the reform agreement to release a positive signal to promote people’s choice to stay in the eu. Therefore, the agreement was called the starting gun of the referendum". Cameron said after the meeting, "is it really a time to add new risks to the people and the economy?" I don’t think it’s appropriate for britain. In the reformed EU, Britain will be stronger, safer and more prosperous, so I will try to convince the British people to stay in the eu. If the British "from Europe, the British economic and trade activities will not be subject to the EU, Britain therefore can be saved every year close to 10 billion pounds ($14 billion 400 million) of the EU budget" quotas "fee; on the other hand, nearly half of the UK’s import and export trade on the EU, and the EU is closely related to millions of jobs. Most EU leaders feel that the summit has become a historic turning point for EU integration. Members rely on a referendum to decide whether to stay in the EU in the history of the British "Europe off if the hitherto unknown," will make Europe after World War II the establishment of "closer alliance" wishes and ideas vanish like soap bubbles. Polls show that many British people are wavering about whether to stay in the eu. The ruling conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and the Labor Party tend to stay in the European Union, and only the British independence party openly supports Britain’s separation from the eu. Tusk said: "I am convinced that the UK and the EU need each other, and they are separated from each other and shared interests. We have done everything we can to avoid this, but the final decision is in the hands of the British people."

欧盟给予英国“特殊地位”意味着什么-搜狐新闻  据新华社布鲁塞尔2月20日电   经历30小时的谈判后,欧盟最终做出让步,表现出“挽留”英国的意愿;另一方面,英国在欧盟的去留将由英国民众决定。   协议是双方让步的结果   尽管该协议不直接涉及英国的去留问题,但对争取“摇摆不定”的英国民众具有重要意义。   连日来,英国和欧盟为达成这份协议展开了密集磋商。19日达成的协议具有法律效力,包括欧盟未来在金融管理、人员流动和社会福利、主权等方面应进行改革的措施。   “为了欧盟统一,我们愿意牺牲部分利益。”欧洲理事会主席图斯克在会后说。他表示,谈判胶着紧张,但庆幸的是领导人们从未远离谈判桌。   卡梅伦则称,他将在20日向英国内阁介绍协议并寻求支持。舆论分析认为,达成协议是双方分别作出让步的结果。   提前公投释放积极信号   英国身处欧洲,却不认为自己属于欧洲,其经济规模排名欧盟第二,但不属于申根区、欧元区。英国一直存在疑欧、“脱欧”的声音,并计划最晚于2017年年底前就是否留在欧盟举行公民投票。   媒体之前就分析认为,卡梅伦可能将英国公投日期提前至今年6月,以利用这次达成的改革协议释放出的积极信号,推动民众选择留在欧盟。因此,协议达成称得上打响了公投的“发令枪”。   卡梅伦在会后说,当前真的是给民众和经济增加新风险的时候吗?我认为这对英国并不合适。留在改革后的欧盟,英国会更强有力、更安全、更繁荣,所以我将努力说服英国民众留在欧盟。   倘若英国“脱欧”,英国的经贸活动将不受制于欧盟,英国因此可省去每年接近100亿英镑(约合144亿美元)的欧盟预算“摊派”费;另一方面,英国有近一半的贸易进出口依赖欧盟,数百万个工作岗位与欧盟息息相关。   多数欧盟领导人感到,此次峰会或成为欧盟一体化的历史转折点。成员国依靠公投决定是否留在欧盟在历史上前所未有,英国若“脱欧”会让二战后欧洲建立“日益紧密联盟”的愿望和观念化为泡影。   民调显示,不少英国民众对是否留在欧盟持摇摆态度。执政党保守党、自由民主党和工党倾向于留在欧盟,只有英国独立党公开支持英国脱离欧盟。   图斯克说:“我深信英国和欧盟互相需要,两者脱离关系和共同利益背道而驰,我们已尽所能避免此事发生,但最终决定权掌握在英国民众手中。”相关的主题文章: