The FA Cup semi-final second leg that started Suning based in Nanjing Olympic Zaizhan Shenhua musiland

The FA Cup semi-final second leg that started Suning based in Nanjing Olympic Shenhua cuilong Zhu will fight to the end of attacking football tomorrow, the FA Cup semi-final second leg will be started, the defending champion Jiangsu Suning in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center to fight Shanghai shenhua. The 3:2 away victory, let the game as long as Suning can draw with rivals for 3 consecutive years to the FA Cup final. It is worth mentioning that this season in the Premier League and the FA Cup, Suning also unbeaten. Yesterday, Shanghai Shenhua has already let it be said "let Suning taste first taste of losing home court", but the recent state of hot Suning, obviously do not want to give the opportunity to comeback shenhua. Modern Express reporter Wang Wei ZAKER of Nanjing Shenhua in Nanjing Olympic sports have never won the ball, the Yangtze River Delta Derby Suning and Shenhua game has always been full of the smell of gunpowder, plus Suning FA Cup semi-final first leg win Shenhua in Hongkou, also let the game more aspect. Yesterday, Shanghai Shenhua insider has let it be said "let Suning taste the first taste of losing home court", and the best Suning not promised. The FA Cup semi-final first leg away from home, Suning with Teixeira and Wu Xi scored two goals, Shenhua’s 3:2. More importantly, before the game, Shenhua this season in Hongkou has never tasted defeat, the losing is the first defeat of Hongkou shenhua. The score of 2:3, the possibility to let Shenhua away comeback is very low. After all, this season, Suning in the home court just lost a game — AFC Champions League League group phase 1:2 defeat Tokyo FC. In the league and FA Cup, Suning unbeaten, winning the League Home Court reached 76.9%, ranking the first Super League home court, scored 33 points, ranking first in the. Although Suning home court record well, but Shenhua coach Manzano said the team will not give up the FA Cup, "(the first leg) Martins goal in the last minute for us to more than a glimmer of hope." The second leg of the race, although Shenhua promotion is quite difficult, but a Shenhua team insiders said, "football is round, everything is possible." It is worth mentioning that, if you win on the road, Shenhua will also create a record: a first victory against suning. Earlier in the 10 Champions League and FA Cup, Shenhua has never won the ball in Nanjing Olympic sports. Since 2009 of the 8 years, Shenhua 10 times at Nanjing, 6 flat 4 negative have not won.相关的主题文章: