The final year nominated awards ceremony with run de Marcia who most frustrated

The final year nominated awards ceremony with run de Marcia who is the most frustrated review over the awards ceremony, winning the award, representing all aspects of the optimal level was LPL. But there are those who are proud, there will be frustrated, those who have the same strength, but ultimately can only accompany the runners, how much will be regrettable. In this paper, the inventory of annual awards ceremony "with run king" and the losers, and review their occupation career after joining LPL. Koro1 said the annual awards ceremony with run king, Koro1 brunt. In the 2014 annual awards ceremony, Koro1 nominated for best single award, but face when the season better Gogoing, missed the trophy. 2015 season, Koro1 won the nomination of the two, and the best single and most popular players, but after a rigorous selection, Koro1 lost to Flandre and Clearlove in the two awards. However, the two consecutive run experience, and can not cover up the strong strength of Koro1. In the 14 and the 15 season, Koro1 in the last single position to grow rapidly, even in the 2015MSI to suppress the contest area champion. Even in the few play of the 2016 season, in the 2016 world finals was Koro1, in the face of the world the first single Smeb didn’t strive to stabilize the situation on the road to EDG. It can be said that Koro1’s single strength is still the top level. In 2016, the year’s most popular player Koro1, can end his career with run "? Rookie Rookie LPL all Korean aid in the" localization "to be the best player, fluent Chinese that he quickly gained many domestic fans. The strength, Rookie has become a staple for IG team, even Rookie play is good or bad, will largely determine whether IG won the game. But in LPL have proven their Rookie, unfortunately also became the annual awards ceremony of the losers. In the 2015 season, the annual awards ceremony, Rookie MVP, won the annual best foreign aid, the best single and most popular players a total of four nominations, and eventually he became when the awards ceremony left with nothing whatsoever, with maximum run king. In the 2016 season, the annual awards ceremony, Rookie once again won the best foreign aid, the best and most popular single player three nomination, this time, Rookie will win the prize? Let us wait and see. InSec, once the world’s first blind monk InSec, arrived in Chinese still can’t be held back. The effect of LPL in just one season, inSec will use their keen sense of smell and excellent operation in opposition, led the royal family once again stand on the global finals final battle field. With a full season of good play, inSec deserved to become the best foreign aid in 2014. But after that, with Uzi’s departure and an accident in the 2015 German Cup, inSec!相关的主题文章: