The horse in China encouraged Mudie here is the largest market in the world-noiseware

The horse in China encouraged Mudie: here is the world’s largest market for JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhou Lei Mudie) last season to play in Guangdong, and Marbury had many exchanges, Marbury said yesterday that Mudie should be considered in the development of China, he has a chance to become a legend here. After graduating from high school, Mudie was considered the NBA Lotto show he deserved. He didn’t choose to go to college, but he came to CBA to play, and this year he was going to participate in the draft as planned. Mudie said, "and Marbury counterpoint makes him an eye opener, Marbury also taught himself a lot of skills in playing CBA," "these help me a lot."". Marbury said yesterday that he did not have to follow the trajectory of ordinary people to start his career. "He should consider staying in China, where there is the biggest market in the world, and he will become a legend in the eyes of young people."". Marbury believes that he lives in Beijing, no longer miss the time of New York, "because in the NBA did not get the contract, I have to come here to play, and now I no longer desire to return to NBA.". There will be the top players in the future." In the mainstream prediction of American media, Mudie’s draft ranks between the 3-6, and he is also considered to be the champion of the champion show. Last season, because of injuries and other reasons, he played 12 games for Guangdong.

老马鼓励穆迪埃留在中国:这里有世界最大的市场 京华时报讯(记者周磊)穆迪埃上赛季在广东打球时,曾与马布里有过不少交流,马布里昨天表示,穆迪埃应该考虑留在中国发展,他有机会在这里成为传奇。穆迪埃在高中毕业后被看作理所应当的NBA乐透秀,他没有选择上大学,而是来到CBA打球,今年会按照计划参加选秀。穆迪埃表示,和马布里对位让他大开眼界,马布里也教给自己很多在CBA打球的技巧,“这些对我帮助很大”。马布里昨天表示,穆迪埃并不一定要按着常人的轨迹去开展职业生涯,“他该考虑留在中国,这里有世界上最大的市场,他会成为年轻人眼中的传奇”。马布里认为,自己居住在北京,已经不再怀念纽约的时光了,“因为在NBA没有得到合同,我不得不来这里打球,现在我不再渴望重返NBA了。将来这里会有最顶级的球员。”在美国媒体的主流预测中,穆迪埃的选秀排名在3-6位之间,他也被看作是状元秀的竞争者。上赛季因为伤势等原因,他总共为广东出战了12场。相关的主题文章: