The Jiangxi Yugan Village a heavily praying fraud made tens of millions of villagers spyair

The Jiangxi Yugan Village: a heavily praying fraud made tens of millions of villagers Village everywhere slogan. In August this year, the Ministry of public security will be divided into 7 regions as the country’s first regional professional telecommunications fraud source and carried out special rectification work. Among them, Jiangxi County of Yugan province were included for heavily praying fraud ", while Yugan County police also launched a one-year special action. According to statistics, since 2010, Yugan caught a total of more than 300 fraud, come from Jiang BU Xiang Shi Xi Cun Hong Jia Zui Xiang Tuan Lin and Li village. Stone is also known as Yugan county "fraud village" birthplace. The map, Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Xiaolu, He Hanfu in September, the reporter drove from Shanghai to the stone village, stone village is very easy to find, like deliberately hiding in the depths of Yugan County, was not known to outsiders. After the large tracts of green space, bumpy more than and 30 minutes, and a few comments asked the local villagers, only through the lake weeds and a piece of writing "Shi Xi Cun Pai confirmed the, listen to the villagers said, the village is also sometimes in local dialect" Shi Ji cun". With other villages on the walls of many words "drilling machine" and "hollow brick bag" and other small ads, almost every family in the village, the walls are used to write "the fraud struggle", "crack down on the crime of fraud" and other slogans, red characters written in white paint. Eye-catching. Before finding the stone village, Dahuai village villagers told reporters: "as long as I see is a small villa, the car is parked in front of a stone." Reporter walked into the village after the village and other villages, more style, in the village are mostly built four storey villa, red brick wall with color tiles, some in front of the house with a garage, and a wall and a door will villa circle up. The villagers also told reporters: "Li Jia Cun Shi Xi Cun Tuan Lin Cun two and this fraud thing is very famous in the US, before occasionally here ‘throwing fake gold rings’ cheating, but to engage in" the fraud activities are heavily praying "in Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other places." The villagers in the early years of working in Zhejiang, but also often seen on the poles of this fraud small ads. "These two villages turned out to be the poorest villages in our village, and later made money for fraud, which has almost become the richest village in." When the reporter asked the villagers to stone the related situation, most of the villagers have hesitated, or say "I am not the local people", or say "it’s not about to offend people". After a check, I have been working outside the village villagers Chen Li (a pseudonym) told reporters: "before 2003, the villagers are not very rich, then I heard some of the villagers began to do these fraudulent activities" heavily child ", the village is rich, some villagers even for" heavily child "earned tens of millions of dollars." Jiangxi focus on remediation efforts to increase fraud according to the reporter found that the fraud behavior of Yugan county "heavily child" in the local has formed a mature industry chain, from writing the script, play Fupo, bulk SMS, withdrawals, posing as lawyers and other aspects are all in one service. Last November 29th, Yugan County Public Security bureau"相关的主题文章: