The mass of pure electric vehicle concept patent and my doll figure anything else out (video)

The mass of pure electric vehicle concept patent doll and I figure anything else out recently, overseas media exposure of the new electric concept car a group of Volkswagen’s patent applications, including a coupe and three other types of public transport vehicles. At the same time in the forefront of the traditional models of the new energy market, which should be a general layout for the future of the automotive industry. Read the following points: 1, this paper is finished half of the exposure of the four pure electric concept car appearance are very sci-fi; 2 new car or will be equipped with automatic driving technology is developed to the public; 3 people focused on the future of pure electric cars, electric cars will vigorously expand its product line. Volkswagen’s future concept car, the car on the large number of these people exposed the new concept of pure electric car appearance are very sci-fi color, as if from the future. Which is equipped with gull wing doors for a pure electric car, and the other three is mainly responsible for the settlement of public transport vehicles to public travel. Volkswagen earlier announced that the future will be more focused on pure electric vehicles and public transport research and development, but these models will be the first to be exposed in 2020 before the official launch. We note that many of these models do not have windshield, which also means that the public is working hard to develop full automatic driving technology should be applied to see these new cars today.相关的主题文章: