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Fetal hate food, mothers do you often eat? – no maternal Sohu water blanched spinach spinach contains large amounts of oxalic acid, long-term use can affect the calcium and zinc absorption, affect fetal development. Spinach in boiling water boiled after can remove most of the oxalic acid, reduce the harm to the body. So the mothers in the former must remember to eat spinach first with boiling water boiled. Watermelon, longan, litchi and other fruit in summer, watermelon also listed, but the watermelon diuresis, the mother can not eat, otherwise easily lead to dehydration. Longan, litchi eat may cause abortion, should not eat. High sugar food expectant mothers during pregnancy will increase the demand for calcium than usual, sugar in the body will consume a lot of calcium, affecting fetal bone development. Regular consumption will increase the risk of gestational diabetes, severe damage to fetal health, prone to miscarriage, premature birth and other phenomena. Artificial pickled food pickles, pickled fish, bacon and other artificial pickled food, contain nitrite, which is a carcinogen, will bring irreversible harm to the fetus, such as deformity. Canned foods contain a variety of artificial additives, such as flavors, preservatives, etc.. In order to fetal health, mother is best not to eat, you can use fresh fruit instead. Heat seasoning mothers excessive intake of hot condiments, such as cumin, pepper, aniseed, will consume intestinal moisture, aggravating constipation during pregnancy, bring physical discomfort, may affect fetal development. What is good for pregnant women to eat some of the food is very good for pregnant women during pregnancy reaction? In fact some food is life very common food Oh! 1, eat carp, carp and melon, radish and other food, help to alleviate the symptoms of edema. 2, eat rich food such as collagen, etc. to help pig’s trotters, increase skin elasticity. 3, eat chicken, fish and other easy to digest and absorb food rich in protein. 4, eat some animal offal, such as heart, liver, kidney, etc., can meet the needs of a variety of inorganic salts and vitamins. 5, often eat iodine rich foods, such as kelp, seaweed, squid and other marine plant. 6, the choice of celery and lettuce and other rich in vitamins and minerals. 7, eat peanuts, sesame seeds, peas, spinach and other foods containing a variety of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, in order to avoid abnormal fetal development and muscle atrophy. These foods for pregnant women to eat a baby has a lot of benefits! So pregnant women during pregnancy can often eat these foods! Anti vomiting food is one of the most uncomfortable morning sickness response of pregnant women is the most common, cause considerable pain for pregnant women. Choose a suitable food for pregnant women have good anti vomiting effect, nutritionists believe that lemon and potatoes contain a variety of vitamins, especially suitable for pregnant women. Baotai vegetables spinach is rich in folic acid, folic acid per 100 grams of spinach up to 350 micrograms, ranked first in vegetables. The most important function of folic acid is to protect the fetus from spinal cord injury, hydrocephalus, brain and other neurological abnormalities. So expert.相关的主题文章: