The most sad polar bear was sent off the sea hall denied public opinion 66814

"The most sad polar bear" was sent to the marine museum that under public opinion original title: "the saddest polar bear" from the Guangzhou Grandview polar ocean world polar bear pizza is about to say goodbye to Guangzhou, back to her birthplace, many tourists to take pictures. Nanfang Daily reporter Xiao Xiong photo Nanfang Daily News (reporter Zhu Weiliang) the Polar Aquarium in Grandview Plaza, a crowd surrounded by a polar bear lying on the glass wall looked, it was many netizens called the world’s "most sad polar bear". At the time of the summer heat, the living in a world of ice and snow in the polar bears to survive, causing users to question. According to statistics, since January opening date, the number of good polar sea world into the museum to visit the number of nearly 1 million people, of which more than 200 thousand people visit the public. 13, covering an area of nearly 60 thousand square meters is good polar ocean world officially entered the third optimization and upgrading. Part of the animal, including Guangzhou’s only polar bear Pizza will say goodbye to Guangzhou, back to her birthplace. It is reported that pizza will be the fastest return next year. The polar bear is not away under the pressure of public opinion since the opening, only from the China north polar bear Pizza and the city of Guangzhou the indissoluble bound. Pizza is a well-known artificial breeding Aquarium "baby bear", just turned three years old this year. Earlier there were reports that the polar bear is good in the aquarium life out of it, a British charity animal Asia Foundation requirements "let the bear out of the mall." In response to the media is good, responsible person stressed that Pizza away "is not under the pressure of public opinion, is the best marine museum is open only for legal compliance, venues need to upgrade, to ensure the safety of the polar bear, had to temporarily. According to reports is good, since Pizza came to Guangzhou, is the best polar ocean world, more than 130 professional and technical personnel, from the environment, nutrition, enrichment toys, physical health, psychological health conditions, behavior and other aspects, have given its professional care. On the day of the farewell party, many enthusiastic people, especially children, came to the scene to bring gifts and blessings to Pizza. Animal promises to provide a more comfortable environment is the best polar ocean world curator Li Chengtang introduced since January this year the opening of trial operation, the optimization and upgrading of venues have been. In addition to full participation in the transformation process, is the best polar ocean world from Japan, Singapore, Canada and the local senior consultant team, since the opening of trial operation, is the best polar ocean world continuously listen to advice and summarize the learning experience, and actively communicate with counterparts at home and abroad and maintain excellent experience (including one of the world the best aquarium aquarium in Japan Kyoto). He said, in fact, the marine museum in May and July this year, completed two upgrading, such as science education software and hardware updates, animal premises expansion, as well as the improvement of hardware facilities. After the expert team in the scientific argument, the Marine Museum of micro transformation program without affecting the premise of opening. In order to provide a more comfortable life for animals相关的主题文章: