The new head of the Guangzhou Automobile Group determined to succeed Ceng Qinghong Zhang served as c txplatform

The new head of the Guangzhou Automobile Group determined to succeed Ceng Qinghong Zhang director long Li Siyi October 30th, Guangzhou Automobile Group (02238.HK) (601238.SH) announcement, announced the appointment of Guangzhou Automobile Group Chairman Ceng Qinghong, which means Ceng Qinghong will be in charge of the Guangzhou Automobile Group and the controlling shareholder of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co (referred to as: GAIG). According to the announcement, Ceng Qinghong served as chairman of Guangzhou Automobile Group, the term of office from October 30, 2016 until the current term of office of the board. Currently, Ceng Qinghong holds 241 thousand shares of GAC group A and was granted and is still in force A shares of stock options of $659 thousand. Ceng Qinghong was given the car circle "hardliners" label. He served during the launch of the Guangzhou Automobile Group and MITSUBISHI automobile joint venture project, and promote the GAC Fiat Chrysler joint venture project breakthrough and progress. More important is the development of GAC independent brands: GAC group’s big independent strategy will focus on the two centers, the four shared platform, plans to achieve annual production capacity of 1 million targets in 2020. Previously, Ceng Qinghong served as party secretary of Guangzhou Automobile Group, general manager, executive director. September 28th, Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group announced that the Guangzhou municipal Party committee, municipal Party committee agreed to Ceng Qinghong, chairman of Guangzhou automobile industry group, the former chairman Zhang has reached the statutory retirement age. Guangzhou automobile industry currently holds 60.66% stake in Guangzhou Automobile group. At that time, some critics believe that Ceng Qinghong replaced GAIG, marking the Guangzhou Automobile Group officially entered the era of Ceng Qinghong, Zhang has also marked "safe landing". In 2013, there have been media reports, Zhang, deputy director of the NDRC for involving the former state energy secretary Liu Tienan case was taken to assist in the investigation, said Zhang and Liu were "very good personal relationship". Guangzhou Automobile Group official response for private leave, followed by a return to the Guangzhou chamber of Commerce to carry out the work of the group, but rumors continue. With Ceng Qinghong served as the former chairman of the housing Zhang resigned. Guangzhou Automobile Group in another announcement today that Guangzhou Automobile Group Chairman Zhang received some "real" written letter of resignation, due to the retirement age, resigned from the fourth session of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the strategic committee duties, after the resignation no longer hold any position in the company. The company also said that Zhang’s resignation will not affect the minimum number of members of the board of directors, will not affect the normal operation of the board of directors. To 2016, Zhang has worked in Guangzhou Automobile Group has reached 19 years. On the same day, Guangzhou Automobile Group also announced the 2016 third quarter earnings. According to earnings, 1-9 months of this year, total operating income of 34 billion 387 million yuan, an increase of $18 billion 954 million compared to the same period last year, a net profit of $5 billion 608 million, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 2 billion 702 million yuan of $107.60%. The high growth of total revenue and profit mainly comes from the contribution of SUV. 1-9 months of this year, Guangzhou Automobile Group to achieve 1 million 149 thousand sales, an increase of 32.18%. Among them, the Guangzhou Automobile Group this year, 1-9 month sales of SUV54.60 million, compared to 25.9 last year.相关的主题文章: