The old generation raising abandoned children 13 years to support the electrician to 500 yuan monthl

The old generation raising abandoned children 13 years to support the electrician to 500 yuan monthly subsidy – Beijing will be a born more than a month abandoned on behalf of 13 years, 60 year old old man now grey-haired youth wing. In order to help tutoring children, the elderly and self-study courses in primary and secondary schools, the Wen Wen treat granddaughter when to get married. After the children on the junior high school, learning, living costs rise, so that the elderly in the economy is difficult to support, I hope someone can take my hand, the children together to the university. 13 years of persistence, touched many readers. Yesterday, nearly 10 people call the Chengdu business daily hotline, expressed the desire to help her children with her mother. The 45 year old electrician Mr. Chan found the woman, promised monthly living expenses 500 yuan subsidy Wen wen. In the face of good Samaritans, old Rong Fanghua said, money is not The more, the better. "I also, continue to bear the cost of children, as long as I can point to reduce the burden is enough." That burden is too heavy for the junior year, spent 100 thousand yuan of public concern yesterday, Wen Wen has contacted the elderly Rong Fanghua, so she spent a day in gratitude. See the reporter again, her expenses from the bag and took out a first year Wen wen. The Wengang on the first day, due to live at the beginning of life, new bedding, uniforms and other related costs. Rong Fanghua said the old man, this money is the tube for three years, should not be handed in the future." In addition, Wen Wen a year of accommodation and living expenses totaling 13 thousand yuan, in addition to the civil affairs department monthly subsidy of 748 yuan of orphans living expenses, the rest by the elder Rong Fanghua subsidies. In the cost breakdown, Wen Wen 200 yuan hour remedial costs become the most cost in a. Reporters rough calculation, makeup and tuition and living expenses, the first year costs reached about 100000 yuan. After Wen Wen also told reporters, according to her calculations, the first year with even more than the cost down and high youth wing. In a pension account details of the elderly, 3000 yuan per month pension, so she stretched. Yesterday, some well intentioned people through a reporter to understand these costs. Good public Zhang said: the child is not their own, able to pay 13 years, has been very impressive. When the old man is in trouble, we should help the child with her." Why spend makeup just want to let the children learn better first, Rong Fanghua old man is not willing to use the specific amount to show their burden, "willing to fund financing, I also not to let everyone to share, I will certainly have to take more part." The old man said, to remove the pen and the Civil Affairs Bureau of the monthly cost of living on the monthly fee, a year down to bear the cost of seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan." The cost of said in Rong Fanghua, Wen Wen spent the most makeup. "Why not let the child learn seriously in the classroom, rather than to spend money on makeup?" The same is willing to help the child’s good man Hu raised his question. Rong Fanghua said very seriously, students are not uncommon in the spare time to make up a missed lesson, "I told her to make up a missed lesson is to let her son相关的主题文章: