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The patient’s fart in the operation caused a big fire, preoperative diet taboo fart can also cause a fire…… The thing is this: a thirty year old female patient in Tokyo medical university hospital underwent cervical laser surgery, and surgery is the doctor need to use laser treatment in her cervix and uterus in low areas. However, during the operation, she happened to have a fart when the doctor used the laser. Then the fire spread, burned the patient’s pale blue sterile clothing, the fire spread to her legs, the poor female patient was severely burned. You know, the human exhaust gas contains hydrogen, methane, hydrogen sulfide and other gases, all flammable, easy to explode. The patient put the fart on the top of the operating table, and it was ignited by the stimulation of the laser. Very clever, very unfortunate…… So, now think about those provisions on fasting before surgery, doctors immediately understand the good intentions of the provisions, is not abnormal, is the true love! " must be administered before surgery; " should be controlled; these dietary taboos are just too important…… Preoperative dietary taboos should be taken according to different surgical sites, and different dietary taboos should be taken before the operation. Non abdominal surgery, from 12 hours before operation it should be fasting food, 4 hours before surgery began to prohibit drinking, vomiting during anesthesia or surgery to prevent accidents. Gastrointestinal surgery or other abdominal surgery, in 3-5 days shall be fasting following foods: 1, long fiber foods such as celery, cabbage, leek, toon etc.. Long fiber food will enrich the digestive tract, is not conducive to clean bowel surgery. 2, prone to cause flatulence food such as milk, beans, sweet potatoes, buckwheat etc.. Flatulence has a huge impact on surgery, and can even cause surgery failure.

病人在手术中放屁竟引发大火 术前饮食禁忌   放屁也能引发大火……   事情是这样的:一名三十岁左右的女病人在东京医科大学附属病院接受宫颈激光手术,而手术的内容是医生需要在她的子宫颈和子宫较低的地方使用激光治疗。然而,就在手术的过程中,她碰巧在医生使用激光的时候放了个屁。随即大火弥漫,烧毁了病人浅蓝色的无菌服,火势顺势蔓延到她的双腿,这位可怜的女病人也因此被严重烧伤。   要知道,人体排出的气体中含有氢气、甲烷、硫化氢等气体,全是易燃易爆炸。病人放的那个屁不幸飘散在了手术台的上方,又恰巧由于激光的刺激,所以点燃了。   很巧、很不幸……   所以,现在再想想关于手术前禁食的那些规定,顿时理解了医生们的良苦用心,这规定绝不是变态,是真爱啊!手术前一定要"管住嘴",这些饮食禁忌简直太重要了……   手术前的饮食禁忌   根据手术部位不同,手术前应采取不同的饮食禁忌。非腹腔手术者,从手术前12小时起就应禁食食品,手术前4小时起开始禁止饮水,以防麻醉或手术过程中出现呕吐而发生意外。   胃肠道手术或其他腹腔手术者,在3-5天前即须禁食以下食物:   1、长纤维食物如芹菜、大白菜、韭菜、香椿等。长纤维食物会使消化道充实,不利于手术时清洁肠道。   2、易致胀气食物如牛奶、豆制品、甘薯、荞麦等。胀气食物对手术有很大的影响,甚至会造成手术的失败。相关的主题文章: