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Business In the early days of mining anthracite coal, family life was a cycle of drudgery revolving around the start and stop whistles from the mines. The men, including male children as young as seven or eight, trudged with their lunch pales into the predawn darkness. The women then turned to the household chores for which they had total resonsibility. They did the shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundering and they maintained the family vegetable garden. They cared for sick children and injured workers. Often, they had complete control over the family budget.In addition to their daily chores around the house they would also gather firewood and scrounge lumps of coal from the culm banks of mine waste, in order to have fuel for cooking and heating. Toward evening, they went out to meet the traveling beer wagon so they would have buckets of beer for the returning men. When the men arrived at the house, they would strip and the wives would pour hot water over them while scrubbing them down. At night, the mattresses and bedrolls were spread out in any available space. Young children usually slept with their parents for warmth. The daily cycle ended with exhausting sleep.Another reponsibility, and most terrible of all, fell on the women. When, at an odd hour of the day, a shrill continuous whistle blast announced that an accident occurred down below, the women rushed to the mine, waiting long agonizing hours while rescue operations proceeded. If luck held, there were only injuries. Too frequently, however, dirt caked, mangled, and burnt bodies were brought up to the surface. A company wagon then carted the corpses to the miner"s homes, sometimes depositing the body unceremoniously on the kitchen floor. Women then had the responsibility of washing and prepareing their men for burial. The widow could remain in the house, with her children, if the financial obligation with the coal company was satisfied.One heartbreaking story about Mrs. Kate Burns, who went to work scrubbing floors and taking in wash in order to support her children, the youngest a boy of eight, after her husband had been killed while employed by the G. B. Markel Company. When her boy reached fourteen, he went to work in the breaker. But after a months work, he brought home only a due bill for $396.00, the amount of accumulated rent on the two room shack in which the family lived since their father"s death. Mrs. Burns, her son and another younger son worked twelve years to pay off that debt. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Stone jaw crusher , Jaw crushers , Dryer machine , Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.Feed grizzly: Mobile crusher: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: