The State Council held a National Day reception to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the founding of t pretty rhythm

The State Council held a reception to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the establishment of People’s Republic of China Beijing China the State Council held a reception to celebrate the sixty-seven anniversary of the establishment of new People’s Republic of China in Beijing on 30 September, (reporter Madelin) Chinese State Council held the evening of 30 National Day reception in the Great Hall of the people, the sixty-seven anniversary of the establishment of People’s Republic of China to celebrate. Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan, Zhang Gaoli and other party and state leaders and more than 1200 Chinese and foreign people to celebrate the birthday of the Republic have a joyous gathering. 18 am, Xi nearly equal party and state leaders entered the banquet hall, the audience sounded enthusiastic applause. The reception begins. The military band played "Anthem", the audience stood up to sing the national anthem. Premier Li Keqiang delivered an important speech. He said, in sixty-seven years, especially since the reform and opening, Chinese Communist Party led the people of all nationalities temper endeavour, the great motherland never yield in spite of reverses, realize the transition from poverty to the second largest economy in the world, the Chinese nation has changed from suffering from bullying to towards the great rejuvenation of the people’s life, from the implementation of the need to promote the fully completed transformation a well-off society. Li Keqiang pointed out that the glorious history of every day struggle written by. This is the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, in the face of various risks and challenges, in order to Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the strong leadership, the nationwide implementation of the new concept of development, work together to overcome difficulties, maintain a moderate growth in aggregate demand at the same time, efforts to promote the supply side structural reform, economic and social development has made new achievements not easily won the. We effectively implement macro-control, persist in reform and opening up, to achieve the overall smooth running of the economy and optimize the economic structure, market vitality and impetus to the development of collaborative burst, the national development and improvement of people’s livelihood synchrolifting. Effectively deal with the rare flood disasters, the greatest degree of protection of the people’s lives and property safety. China successfully hosted the Hangzhou summit of the group of twenty leaders, reached a broad consensus on building a "innovation, vitality, linkage, tolerance" of the world economy. Chinese athletes at the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Game on the first, inspired the Chinese people join in the construction of modernization with more enthusiasm. Li Keqiang said that the country’s prosperity is the foundation of the people’s well-being. We must firmly grasp the central task of economic construction, not only to maintain rapid economic growth, effectively prevent various market risks; more efforts to enhance national innovation ability, comprehensive competitiveness and the level of sustainable development, promote the economy towards the end. Look closely to the masses, do a hard trick, let the people have more sense of achievement in the aspects of employment, increasing income; in terms of social security has more sense to achieve a sense of security, medical and housing; have more sense of security in ecological and environmental protection, food hygiene and other aspects, to improve the quality of life. Greater efforts to promote poverty alleviation, so that poor people and poor people as soon as possible to live a well-off life. We should comprehensively promote the rule of law, strengthen the protection of the economic rights of all kinds of ownership, so that all market players equal participation in competition, enhance the basic public services Fair accessibility, and promote better development and reform results相关的主题文章: