The training of school staff of more than 200 parents reselling information in the market 58 winavi

The training of school staff of more than 200 parents reselling illegally obtained information, purchase of more than 200 students and parents in the 58 market information, in addition to the designated parent mass advertising, still Ganji, 58 city and other network platform for sale. The reporter learned yesterday, in Beijing a training school, an education company, Yang Xu 6 people convicted of illegally obtaining personal information of citizens by the Beijing Haidian court sentenced to 1 years 3 months, six months and a year of probation of imprisonment. The 6 defendants pseudo base case pull a large number of parents information Sharon’s son is 10 years old, a primary school in Beijing Changping District Shahe. Liu told investigators that she used a Beijing mobile phone number from the beginning of 2005, the impression that only in the school register in the register in public, never released the mobile phone number, but from 2010 son started primary school, she always received about education and training, fraud, and invoicing advertising, seriously affect their life. Beijing Haidian police until later in the investigation of the pseudo base case, found involved in computer being Liu and a lot of parents, so one by one and then began the investigation, found the staff education and training institutions involved in control of Yang and other 6 suspects. 6 people 2 million parents reselling information to profit according to Yang confessed afterwards, he first worked in an education and training institutions, and later changed several times, a total of 3 educational institutions to work. Yang use convenient work in training schools and education company, secretly copy of personal information of citizens of more than 200, this information includes not only the students and their parents, the name of the student’s school and grade, contact, and even many also include home address. In order to make a profit, Yang will be sold in batches of these information, the average selling half a penny for each information, a total profit of 1 yuan. According to the prosecution allegations, from 2011 to 2013, Yang will sell the information to Xu, Xu will sell the information to different people. From August 2012 to September, Liu Xu from somewhere to buy personal information of citizens of more than 60, February 2015 to March, conspiracy to buy personal information of citizens of a cow, Liu Moumou, by Liu Xu from somewhere to buy personal information of citizens of more than 5. In March 2013, a court from Liu copy of personal information of citizens of more than 50. Police seized these personal information, Yang, Xu and other 6 illegal access to personal information of citizens have also been identified. The information through the 58 city Ganji, reselling it is understood that the 6 defendants, there is English training, also do sports training. Yang from the hands of the purchase of information Xu, 2011 start-up companies. The parents of the students have received a data message, because of the need to recruit students, after he spent 700 yuan from the hands of Yang bought 7 schools located in the Beijing Haidian elementary school parents, he can find information, messages on behalf of the company, with the price of 5 cents each, to the parents of sending spam messages, the annual enrollment increase 25%. In the meantime, Xu found that the information can be again reselling profits, from the hands of Yang will buy all the information, increase to 20 thousand yuan, through the.相关的主题文章: