The trees in armor for 15 years without maintenance leaves for heavy pruning (video)

Street trees wearing "armor", 15 years of conservation, withered leaves thick hope pruning citizens reflect, there are many palm trees on the road in Pudong, more than 10 years have not been pruned, year after year, the dead leaves on the trunk is more thick, not only affect the city appearance, there are security risks. 20 a few palm tree planting in Pudong area of nearly 200 meters on both sides of the sidewalk, up to five or six storeys high, the main part is drooped leaves wrapped up, far from looking like is covered with a layer of brown armor, of which there are two palm trees bare left main stem part look, have withered. Inspector: "palm tree" has a certain impact on the landscape of the road, the public travel time is not very convenient. When a typhoon, the dead palm trees easy to fall down and hurt people and vehicles." Ordinarily, as the trees of palm trees should be pruned every year once, but these palm trees are said to have 15 years without maintenance. Compared with other green trees, so lifeless, looks like old man. The surrounding residents showed that some authorities had come to see these palm trees, which meant that they would remove several dead palm trees, but no one had been able to deal with them. "" "universal creation Festival billion investment cicada looking to change the knowledge to open the way you" "" recommended today: "Shanghai six" increase soil shoot fund supervision violations will be "confiscation" deposit in Shanghai today cloudy to overcast the next 2 to 3 days there will be precipitation intermittent river landscape vegetable change some terraced enclosure destroy the green indecent school near an abandoned tank leak before the students dizziness nosebleeds people through the agency to buy life insurance insurance policy one month ahead of a week "" effective "image collection:" live network factory "into 100 thousand" Luna ladder climbing bucket beetle "to save the Shanghai trees (the video only extend your fingers at any time) illegal traffic! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

行道树身披“盔甲” 15年未养护枯叶厚重盼修剪 市民反映,浦东一道路上有许多棕榈树,10多年了没有修剪过,年复一年,树干上的枯叶是越积越厚,既影响市容又存在安全隐患。浦东一小区两侧近200米的人行道上种植了20几棵棕榈树,最高达五六层楼高,主干部分被耷拉下来的枯叶裹得严严实实,远远看去像是披上了一层棕色盔甲,其中还有两棵棕榈树光秃秃的只剩主干部分,看上去已经枯萎。巡防员:“(棕榈树)对该路段景观带来一定影响,市民出行的时候也不太方便。遇到台风,这个枯死的棕榈树容易摔下来砸伤人和车辆。”按说,作为行道树的棕榈树应该每年修剪一次,但是这些棕榈树据说已经15年没有进行养护了。与其他绿意盎然的树木相比,显得毫无生气,看上去就像垂暮的老人。周边居民反映,曾有部门前来查看过这些棕榈树便表示要将枯死的几棵棕榈树移除,但是迟迟也不见有人来处理。》》》知了全民创作盛典 亿元投资寻找改变知识打开方式的你》》》今日推荐:“沪六条”加大土拍资金监管 违规将“没收”保证金上海今天多云到阴 未来2至3天将出现降水间歇河道景观变菜地甚至有人开发成梯田 圈地毁绿不像话学校附近一废弃罐体节前泄露 学生头晕流鼻血市民通过代理公司购买人保车险 保单提前一月生效》》》一周图片精选:“直播工厂”网红月入超10万 架梯爬树“斗天牛” 拯救申城行道树 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: