The two man yongdoudaitu rescue hijacked one woman stabbed the abdomen of Lixin

The two man yongdoudaitu rescue hijacked one woman was stabbed abdomen incident Lixin yongdoudaitu and injured Cheng Cheng (Lixin police for map) yongdoudaitu and injured Yu Kai (Lixin police for map) Xin’an Anhui Evening News Network (News) although the first holiday in the ward, the body is still very weak, but with my family, there are many well intentioned people visit, Cheng Cheng does not feel lonely. September 12th at 9 pm, and the small Chengcheng Yu Kai is the construction of Lixin county road walk, see the thugs armed with long knives, kidnapped a woman. Critical juncture, two people stand up, with his stick and knocked the knife shovel. However, as they will the press down on the ground, the waved hand dagger…… Yesterday, the Xin’an evening news, Anhui network reporter learned that, Yu Kai arm injury, finger fracture; Chengcheng abdomen stabbed, liver rupture, fell into a coma. Fortunately, the hospital to rescue, has been out of danger. The woman was kidnapped, they teamed up with yongdoudaitu "I’ll find a stick, Chengcheng get a shovel, together we fight with him." Yu Kai, according to the Lixin police, kidnapped a woman surnamed pan, in the vicinity of the construction of Lixin County Road intersection with Huang Hu Lu runs a supermarket. September 12th at 9 am, the store’s customers and outside the pedestrian is not much. Suddenly, a naked body, cover the face with a T-shirt, carrying a long knife man walked into the store. Ms. pan a look at the situation is not good, after the man into the store, hurried to the store to run outside. The man rushed quickly, Ms. pan, the long knife in her neck. Terrified Ms. pan, she was kidnapped outside the shop, did not dare to touch. Passing through the masses and neighbors to see this scene, no one dared to step forward. At this time, night insisted on walking after dinner Chengcheng and Yu Kai passing nearby, saw someone kidnapped, decided to rescue. "We saw the criminals have long, half a meter long. I’ll find a stick, Chengcheng get a shovel, together we fight with him." Saved the woman, one was stabbed abdomen, we rushed to the scene, Cheng Cheng lying on the ground, Yu Kai in the side to take care of him." Ke Weiliang: the police see someone approached, the release of Ms. pan, waving a long knife rushed. Cheng Cheng, Yu Kai two people refused to yield, rushed forward together with the fight, he successfully knocked out in the hands of the long knives. However, unexpectedly, two people ready to be criminals completely uniform, Chengcheng suddenly felt a sharp pain in the stomach, sitting on the floor, then the blood gushing from the abdomen. At this time, Yu found that the other side of the hand and a dagger. See the companion’s assassination, he desperately suspects threw himself to the ground, and pressed the right hand holding a dagger. When we arrived at the scene, Cheng Cheng lying on the ground, Yu Kai next to take care of him." Lixin County Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station Ke Weiliang said that he received 110 orders, two or three minutes rushed to the scene. Then, in the crowd, there are a few people and kidnapped women family suspects will press on the ground. In a short while, 120 acute相关的主题文章: