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The user just stop Mobell bicycle locked Mobell bicycle Luantingluanfang is suspected, the collective lock. Yesterday, members of the public to reflect, the subway Lishuiqiao station near the twenty or thirty car Mobell bicycle, ofo was unable to use the shared bicycle with a chain lock. Mobell bicycle PR department responsible person said to the Beijing morning news reporters, the car was not the first occurrence of collective lock. In addition to calling for users to civilization parked vehicles, they are also in consultation with these companies, problems encountered in a timely manner to communicate not directly locked, the behavior is wrong. The car was illegally placed collective "lock" yesterday, the reporters came to stand near the water bridge subway station, at this early peak just after the subway station exit public bicycle parking lot at dozens of cars and bikes Mobell ofo shared bicycle. A man claiming to be the v-mobile bicycle company staff, one by one are scattered throughout the bike ride to the subway is located in the south of the station, a bike parking lot management. The staff said, Lishuiqiao subway station crowded, the car is large, so every day there are hundreds of car commuters ride over, "in order to ensure that does not affect the traffic and people’s travel, I need to put the car neat, next to the parking lot is our management consultation and cooperation, who is very good, allow me to pick up the car." According to Ms. Wang often use v-mobile bicycle to reflect, from the day before yesterday, she saw dozens of software localization bike together, but found that stopped at the subway station outside the v-mobile bikes and bicycles were locked ofo shared collective. Then she called the police, "when more than ten in the evening, I saw the v-mobile bicycle APP, that group together the car broke up, should be used normally." The day before the vehicle is locked up the situation, the staff told reporters, "the user keep to stop in front of the station bicycle parking lot, parking lot management said they interfere with the normal order to lock up. We talked for a long time last night before we got out of the lock." Luantingluanfang into arch-criminal staff reluctantly smiled and said, "I stand in this place to swing back and forth with you and say to the people of each bike parked in the parking lot, the car also want to come here to take. But today is still a mess, in order to avoid the car was locked, I came to move in the morning." He also said that this is not only a subway station with this situation, many parts of the car are locked, "every day dozens of expatriate finishing car outside". Before November 15th, there are friends broke the news, in the same place, dozens of cars and bikes Mobell ofo shared bicycles were still in a pit, pile into a pile, which has many wheels have been distorted. In this regard, the staff of the parking lot, near the vendors, as well as the driver of the driver said, do not know, who would like to engage in sabotage can not get at night? Who will fall down during peaceful times." For failing to stop civilization communication yesterday, a reporter from the Beijing subway to subway station public area is not in the range of the subway company management, Beijing city infrastructure investment limited company management. Subsequently, the reporter called the company, but the phone has no answer. Mobell bicycle PR Director Cao Xianshu相关的主题文章: