The wall of the ceramic tile is hot, you know how to choose kairui

The wall of the ceramic tile is hot, you know how to choose? ?? TV background wall can make up for the back of the TV in the open, and play the role of decoration, it is a place in the home setting. Currently, many owners prefer to choose a beautiful background tiles. So, how to choose the background?. The wall of the ceramic tile is hot, you know how to choose? (pictures from the network)?? a preliminary planning?? 1, the size and position of light planning?? first of all, should be planning a good TV backdrop of the location and size of the TV position and the location of the sofa or bed, and there is a need to determine the location of the television sofa or bed position, and then to determine the location of the television background wall. Its size should be determined by the size of the TV and the size of the room. Want to watch the TV wall, light is also very important, if the home light is not bright, this time must be able to use to increase the light of the material, such as glass. Bear in mind. ?? 2, the style of the decoration plan?? TV background wall style and the need Home Furnishing space style should be relative, otherwise it will feel awkward. After determining the TV background wall decoration style, you can then according to the style of the TV background color matching, modeling, material selection, etc.. Color matching: TV background color with the need to consider the whole style of home space to match, but also to consider the choice of people’s psychological feelings of color. Generally speaking, the television background wall should be selected amount of elegant white, light blue, light green, light yellow, light red, should not choose too dazzling color. The shape of the wall can be varied, depending on personal preferences. However, it is recommended not to be cluttered on the background of the TV wall, easy to distract, it is best to use a circular, curved or straight linear shape without edges and corners, in the Feng Shui on the benefits, but also very beautiful. ?? Two, material selection?? TV background wall is the owners enjoy creative play place, and material selection background wall is varied, as long as the material can get on the wall, it looks better, can be used as wall decoration materials. ? 1, the ordinary TV wall? According to the common use of the material is different, here will be divided into the background of the TV wall and ordinary TV background wall. Conventional TV background wall paint background wall, ceramic tile background wall, TV cabinets and other furniture to do the background wall and decorative painting, photos and so do the background wall. ? 2, the special material of the TV backdrop, the special material is also very much in the form of a wall, wood, stone, wallpaper and glass, etc.. These materials get on the background wall, the construction is more complex, generally need to do grassroots. Three, to determine the style of different decoration, the living room wall will have a very different style, the style of the wall is also based on their own preferences and the overall style of the outfit to decide. ?? 1, the theme of environmental protection?? to the green environmental protection as the focus, in material selection, design layout, and small decoration and ornament are highlighted in green, healthy, natural, people at home will be able to appreciate the profound feelings in nature. Especially-相关的主题文章: