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"The wedding" ending why Sui Yongliang interpretation Virgo love view – Virgo entertainment Sohu Sui Yung Lang love brave entertainment news produced by Sohu Tak television Limited by Share Ltd, Hongkong famous director Su Wancong’s drama "marriage" on why ago in Anhui TV and Shenzhen TV ushered in the finale, set off a ratings boom. The play based on the emotional life of the city, tells the story of three men and women because of an accident to receive a marriage certificate and made a series of emotional disputes, but finally the story of true love. In this play, Sui Yongliang’s speech is a typical "Zheng a very perfectionist and some obsessive Virgo boys, in addition to his fans and the twists and turns the road of love is popular, he represents the" Virgo "concept of love has attracted extensive discussions. Sui Yongliang brave chase love cold man, the whole story from the perspective of the development of love, marriage and divorce event is played by Sui Yongliang and his wife said Zheng had striking one snag after another meal. As a typical "Virgo" boys, Zheng Yan although the character of high cold rigor, but treatment sentiment is unambiguous, often with "love" image of the show, from time to time to cook meals, work on the shuttle, the body does not timely show the utmost solicitude, Zheng Yan these heart care to let fans call "warm sweet fried". However, this relationship is from you first boyfriend began to appear, gradually produce contradiction misunderstanding, gradually split. In the face of the meal he started staged "downhearted, brave love drama, prepare supplements, travel planning, continue to make changes, never give up, the audience has a love for the warm male image regardless of personal danger. Sui Yongliang’s eyes and actions, are revealed to you I can betray the world, sweet drama and conflict scenes are full of fun, distributed Sui Sui full grid of special love charm"! Sui Yongliang superb acting "perfect control" as the incarnation of the storm last night "" why marriage ending, Sui Yongliang’s boyfriend, Jenna Virgo heart surgery doctor Zheng Yan received the widespread attention. For the Zheng controlling bursting, male chauvinism and virgin cancer role, Sui first decided to use Yung Lang can arouse sympathy of the public details to enrich the characters. The most seen users reflect the characterization of Virgo Sui Yongliang is really great! The acting is very good!" Sui Yongliang response to this, because I myself is also a Virgo, it will put some of their own habits into the character, so that people live more vivid." After this time, fans have commented: in the face of the face of the times, the value of the yen and acting are more worthy of online actors. The marriage why landing summer file, triggering a number of rounds of hot debate. The Sui Yung Lang plays a very homely, caring, filial piety husband gold image, this "warm" and "love" set by love and support of many viewers, and hope can continue to "leave the screen Sui Yung lang". It is also believed that soon, Sui Yongliang will appear in the screen with more excellent works.   相关的主题文章: