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The whole demand report: stock index rebound decline narrowed the steady weight plate card network (reporter Ge Chunhui) 14 afternoon, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city overall continuation of the pattern of low volatility, banking, petrochemical and other weight plates to support the market, stable effect, driven by market sentiment gradually warmer, two city stock index decline narrowed slowly. As of 14:00, the Shanghai composite index reported 3051.44 points, down 0.32%; Shenzhen stock index reported 10726.97 points, down 0.56%; gem index reported 2188.28 points, down 0.92%. Industry sector, the majority of CITIC industry index fell. Among them, rose slightly in construction, petroleum and petrochemical, Bank of three industry index weights; media, defense industry, electronic components, non-ferrous metals, coal, etc. the remaining plate led by computer. Concept plate, the WIND concept index fell. Among them, the super capacitor, cold chain logistics, new materials, silk road, Tianjin Free Trade Zone, such as high-speed rail concept gainers; Beibu Gulf FTA, e-sports, oil and gas reform, red net economy, triple play, gold control platform and other decliners. The external market, the overall performance of the stock market is warmer today in Asia pacific. Wind information data show that as of 14:00, the Nikkei 225 index rose by 0.52%, the South Korean composite index rose by 0.47%, Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index rose up to 0.52%. Source of investment adviser believes that the expected short-term market is still the main shock, but this shock is benign, shock ready should also rise. In fact, after a continuous rise in the index, the short-term profit margins have fulfilled the requirements of short-term concern is above 3060 – 3120 box pressure. Jufeng investment adviser believes that the market has a slight shrinkage callback cleansing means that investors can buy low sell high around the 5 day moving average. The short-term or larger varieties can be thrown high, the bottom for stocks, can still bargain hunting. Operation, it is recommended to focus on two types of stocks: the supply side reform targets (debt and restructuring opportunities) and three quarterly substantial advance by small and medium-sized market varieties.相关的主题文章: