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The woman ass big really good birth? Come from the Sohu the mother just look pretty baby moms talk be in full swing in the group, we discussed the "good ass all sorts of gossip have this topic. There are a lot of mothers agree with this traditional view, but there are several mothers questioned. One of my mom said, "I’m a big butt, and hips look wider than shoulders.". Once pregnant when colleagues joked that my ass is so big, children must be very easy, even the doctor said I should be relatively good delivery conditions. The result is really to the pain that day, 10 hours do not say, even in dystocia ah, I almost went to see Marx with the baby when the doctor promptly put the baby out with forceps clip, make the head of the forceps marks a long time to disappear, so the big ass child is not necessarily life the more easily ah. Think about the "Kangxi" to the show, Li Chenceng said "take" when Wu Mei Niang there is a shot of Li Chenbao Fan Bingbing, when Bing Bing reminded him of the side of a little in front of the camera, and Li Chen will admit when the thought is Fan Bingbing’s ass, good family, should also not wrong. It seems "ass good bear" not only older people and women, even the young men will also agree with this statement. So, in the end this argument does not fly it? Don’t worry, listen to the mother to give you Qiao analysis. 1, the butt is not necessarily large pelvis, there may be more fat. The so-called good bear, in fact is the birth of the difficulty. The process of delivery of the baby’s head is able to smoothly through the pelvis, mainly to see the width and the inclination of the pelvis, pelvic outlet must be relatively wide, but these can not be seen from the appearance can not be seen. Butt is relatively large or lower body, perhaps her pelvis is not large, it may be more than just hip fat. If the pregnant mother hip fat hypertrophy, not only without any help or even have a negative impact on natural delivery. 2, the pelvic outlet, the shape of wide and shallow to shun anatomically, if the female pelvic characters wide and shallow, fetal birth is more easily through the pregnant mother’s pelvis; if deep and narrow, the birth of the baby birth time through more laborious. When the baby is born in the normal state of the head first, if the mouth is too narrow, the baby’s head is difficult to successfully passed, and even cause dystocia. However, the width of the size of pelvis is very difficult for us to judge from the hip appearance, that is to say the "big ass" pregnant mother’s pelvis is not wide large. So it is best for expectant mothers to let doctors measure the size of the pelvis, and if necessary, use X-rays to accurately measure the pelvis. 3, there are many factors affecting the birth of pelvic size in addition to other factors, the birth canal itself will also impact on the birth. The channel through which the fetus is divided into two parts, bony and soft birth canal. It is said that before the bony pelvis, and the soft birth canal refers to the lower uterine segment, cervix, vaginal and pelvic soft group)相关的主题文章: