The woman looked her daughter was her ex husband to stop her daughter playing poison to save kisstudou

The woman looked her daughter was her ex husband to stop her daughter playing poison to save Haixi morning news "if they let me see her, I won’t go down this road." Bars, a lovely face was haggard and young woman remarks to reporters, gently sighed, everything seems like a nightmare. Once the sweet marriage only left a pile of barren memories, once lovely daughter because she became dementia…… Once beautiful, now can only become the memories behind bars. The couple did not divorce his daughter, the young woman called He Xi (a pseudonym), is a divorced mother, because her ex husband repeatedly blocked not to visit her daughter, she thought the way and through the injection of mouse drops together. In the summer of 2010, was introduced, where Xi from his home in Guangxi to work in Xiamen, Longyan and Yongding boy Zhang Tao (a pseudonym) in love after 3 months, two people got married. September 2011, daughter was born. Where Xi want to the big city, let her live a better life, and Zhang Tao wanted to do business in my hometown. Finally, the two people because of the educational philosophy, habits and other aspects of the differences. In October 2015, two people agreed to divorce. The two sides agreed at the time, a good man raised by the little woman, enjoy the right to visit. The man wanted to see her daughter repeatedly blocked unexpectedly, He Xi several times to visit her daughter were Zhang Tao and his family to stop. Where Xi had the day called Zhang Tao, begged him agreed to return regularly to meet his daughter, but was refused. Later, Zhang Tao directly replaced the phone number. In January 2016, He Xi was unable to contact Zhang Tao, at this time, she has completely collapsed. At this moment, her mind flashed some terrible thoughts. Injection of poison fortunately was promptly found on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2016, where Xi Zhang Tao came home again, this time, she saw her daughter. She wanted to take her daughter to the town to buy some new clothes, but was opposed by Zhang Tao and his family, and sparked quarrels and physical conflict. Zhang Tao chose the alarm, and what is Xi hid in the bathroom, the mouse drug injected into his wrist, and the needle tube remaining inside the mouth to swallow the medicine injection in mice. Where Xi has some syncope, at this time, she took the opportunity to daughter to the two floor room, the mice with potion needle injection to the subsequent neck, with her daughter to die. Zhang Tao heard her upstairs crying, ran up, found the needle scars have a daughter neck, immediately rushed to hospital, the police found what Xi also vomiting, syncope phenomenon, will also be sent to hospital for treatment. The court held that, where XI by injecting poison with intent to kill others, causing a serious injury, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional homicide. She has embarked on a murder crime, due to reasons other than the will but not succeed, the Department attempted crime, according to the law can reduce the punishment CF completes the crime. The daughter is poisoning, toxic encephalopathy, the degree of injury is seriously injured two. Recently, Longyan city Yongding District People’s Court of intentional murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in eight years and three months where xi.相关的主题文章: