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Outdoors Chittagong is a fairly big, spread out town, and the largest international seaport in the country. Like Dhaka the streets are filled with masses of rickshaws, though the city puts in a little more effort to keep its streets and sidewalks clean. The city of Chittagong is a major tourist attraction in Bangladesh. Its green hills and forests, its broad sandy beaches and its fine cool climate always attract the holiday-markers. Chittagong is filled with dense green forests, endless rolling hills, a moderate climate and breathtaking beaches. Patenga beach is a popular tourist spot. The beach lies approximately twenty kilometers outside the city of Chittagong, and located near to fascinating landmarks including the Shah Amanat International Airport and the BNS Isha Khan Naval Base. Foy’s Lake is a human-made lake in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The lake was once just a lake and spillway constructed by Assam-Bengal Railway engineer. It was dug in 1924 and was named after the English engineer Mr. Foy " The lake is next to Batali Hill, the highest hill in Chittagong Metropolitan area. Heritage Park There is a heritage park called Shaheed Zia Memorial .plex and Mini Bangladesh at Chandgaon which reflects the most notable structures and instances of Bangladesh. This 71-metre tower in Mini Bangladesh in Chittagong has a restaurant on the top that rotates once every 90 minutes. Chittagong Ethnological Museum It is located in the bustling .mercial street of Agrabad, country"s lone ethnological museum, offers the visitors the chance to acquaint with the lifestyles and heritage of various ethnic groups of the country. It was established in 1965. Fairy Hill Fairy Hill is said to be named for the fairies and genies that were believed to occupy it when the Sufi saint Badar Shah first came to Chittagong. Legend says that he made a number of requests to the fairies before they would allow him to build a place of worship. Court Building: Situated on the Fairy Hill, this building .mands a magnificent bird’s eye view of Chittagong city, particularly at night. The Court building was built immediately after the East India .pany conquered and declared Chittagong as a separate administrative area in 1773. The building is huge, over 250 thousand square feet and has hundreds of rooms. Kattali Beach: Natural beach with mangrove forest west of Halishahar and south of Kattali. Shrine of Baizid Bostami: This holy shrine attracts a large number of visitors and pilgrims. At its base there is a large pond with several hundred tortoises floating in Baitul Falah The largest mosque in Chittagong. Chittagong Club If you want to step baack in time and experiencewhat life was like in the British Colonial rule of India, stay at, or just visit theChittaagong Club for a meal or drink. Beautiful big wide verandahs that you can sit on and drink your gin and tonic or whisky on the rocks, while watching people play tennis, or just relishing the cool shade. Inside is all class, beautiful timbeer paneling, with 2 bars (one smoking, one non smoking), a billiards room with 2 tournament size tables, plus a cards room, and ladies lounge. Chandanpura Mosque: Situated in the old city, the multi-domed mosque is an architectural sight to behold. Chittagong College: Situated in the old city, is one of the oldest colleges in Bangladesh (estd 1869) and also one of the prestigious academies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: