This section of the vehicle with the lowest value is rated 200 thousand in the new B car (video) 9c8814

This section of the vehicle with the lowest value is rated 200 thousand in the new B class car [Pacific Automotive Network (micro-blog) shopping channel] a lot of friends always complained to us, why every time you edit the experience and recommendations are with models, those who are not taking the beggar than the entry point of this version after all, the vast majority of consumers to buy a car or to look at the budget. In fact, we have been doing the beggar version of the value is not worth buying, a series of articles, but the recent listing of the new car is too much, did not have time to update, here with friends who say sorry. Take advantage of a few 200 thousand pounds of joint venture medium-sized cars have been replaced, this time the beggar version of the value is not worth it to introduce them. 2016 Nissan Teana models the models of analytical models the official guide price of the comprehensive score of the entry-level 2.0L XE fashion edition Nissan Teana 175 thousand and 800 * * * Mazda Tezi blue 2.0L fashion edition 175 thousand and 800 * * * 280TSI MAGOTAN DSG comfortable type 189 thousand and 900 assumes the Honda accord 2.0L CVT Comfort Edition 179 thousand and 800 * * * * 2016 Nissan · Teana (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) the official guide price: 17.58-29.88 million promotions: cash discount 20 thousand yuan minimum version: 2.0L XE fashion edition 175 thousand and 800 2016 new Teana has abandoned a mature word, V-Motion family face suddenly let the young Yan, on the value points many. In addition to the new Teana in the configuration and the dynamic aspects of the greatly improved, as the engine of 2.0L full replacement has become a new engine with direct injection manifold + cylinder, power and fuel consumption performance is more outstanding. There is a place worthy of our attention is the new Teana a facelift listing will bring nearly $20 thousand cash discount, so the price is very awesome. The new Teana interior basically do not change, just make the upgrade to the configuration, let’s take a look at the minimum version of the configuration of what is the outstanding performance, whether it is worth to recommend. From the configuration point of view, with the lowest entry version of the new Teana security configuration is adequate, 6 airbags, +VDC vehicle dynamic stabilization system is standard, and the electric sunroof and rear vents are also available, comfort is not need to worry about, just how much may velvet seat some people may feel lose face. Figure 2.0L Comfort Edition New Teana interior pictures 2.0L XE fashion Edition (175 thousand and 800) the main configuration of 215 60R16 wheel tire windshield, electric sunroof insulating glass rear window defroster glass rearview mirror electric adjustment + electric heating speed induction type front wiper windshield glass window with high insulation glass with high penetration than before and after the frost fog lamp interior the multi-function steering wheel configuration senior velvet ergonomic chair driver seat 6 to manually adjust passenger seats after the 4 to manually adjust the large central armrest (with the trunk channel) seats after the head of security configuration four wheel tracking system precision + rear auxiliary steering Zon)相关的主题文章: