Three Techniques The Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 Postage Meter System Can Support

Marketing The Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 postage meter system can help businesses in many different ways. Postage and the charges that are incurred when sending out invoices, bill payments, or shipments are often considered unavoidable expense for .panies and one that is not thought of as a means of extra savings. After all, invoices need to be mailed, packages delivered, and the lease paid. Postage has been, for the most part, considered an insignificant cost since, until recently, the cost per letter was a trivial expense. Yet in recent years the USPS has been elevating rates consistently and quite quickly and for the most part with good cause. With the rising value of fuel, something had to be changed. Yet a one or two cent increase every year doesnt seem like a great deal to small .panies and often the thought of renting a personal postage meter doesnt seem to make economic sense. But it does. There are three ways that .panies can improve from a Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2. Small business can salvage time and money with its services. The first is time. How often does your .pany send help to the post office to buy stamps, send out packages, or for any number of critical services? Every single time that staff has to step out of the office to perform this service is time taken away from the productivity of the business. Depending on how many miles the post office is, this will add to the fees in the form of tolls, gas, or bus token, depending on where the business operates. By utilizing a postage meter like the Mailstation 2, businesses can manufacture their own postage directly onto the letters or packages and then have the postal carrier collect them daily. A second way the Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 can help a business is by allowing the business to record up to five to ten different accounts. By determining whether a department or individual is sending out an inordinate amount of mail every day, week, or month, that business can possibly find ways to improve the operation or seek out alternatives to this costly situation. Perhaps one section is sending out flyers advertising your service, yet most of the physical mailing addresses also have an email address. By sending regular updates through the email, a business could save those cards for more important offers. The third way a personal postage meter can help business is by promoting a dimension of professionalism to the outgoing mail. Instead of ordinary stamps, the Pitney Bowes Mailstation 2 prints professional-looking postage straight onto the letters, or if a package is being sent, then it prints out the indicia with the exact shipping amount. When a consumer receives mail from a business that looks professional, their opinion of that business almost always improves. Sometimes its not what a .pany does but more about what image it puts forth that defines success. A postage meter from Pitney Bowes, especially the Mailstation 2, will improve any small business. There are more than these three methods that the Mailstation 2 can help business; to find out more, try one out today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: