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[] to win the golden week assessment, natural gas market outlook short-term callback, retally point the day and await for it! Want you We! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! [review] market natural gas prices this week appeared very big fall, can be seen in the graph, the market basically has a trend of jumping. Under such circumstances, the vast majority of investors will be the original long positions settled, began to enter the empty single. But now it’s too late to go short, and the wave is about to end. Guide: WeChat EIA inventory data usher in the 435947477 this week in the natural gas market although the general performance, but in value can be seen, compared to the previous value of inventory is still a steady reduction, under this situation, investors should further consider about the natural gas price. However, the price of natural gas in this week appeared very big fall. But this does not indicate that the price of natural gas has been fully into the weak channel, the current natural gas prices are still a long pattern. In fact, from a macro perspective of this wave of market, this wave of decline is no surprise, on the daily charts, rising natural gas has been circling around the fluctuation, make the trend line at the bottom of the can clearly see, the market is relying on the trend line on the rise. [natural gas] market technical analysis from the weekly chart, the week recorded a positive column a long line, indicates that the attenuation of this wave of rising momentum, is expected next week will be a period of time and then enter the shock callback stage in high depth. Is a good opportunity for the layout of a single midline empty; on line, below the average were located in the K-line form support, the MACD indicator MACD divergence, red column kinetic energy increment, KDJ figure index upward divergence; 4 hours, moving average upward divergence, Bollinger rail mouth, K line running on the rail track near Sergey. Figure KDJ index runs in the overbought zone. The daily line wear under the 5 day moving average and 10 day, 20 day moving average Sicha form. Above pressure. The daily chart, Bollinger Bands shut, wear under the five day moving average and ten day, twenty day moving average, MACD picture Sicha down, green has been shrinking, KDJ index three lines collapsed; the four hour chart, above the 20 day moving average through 60 on average, cross bonding operation through 60 on average 5 days 10, on average, above all the pressure. The index MACD is below the zero axis speed line, cross bonding, red energy column coming to the fore; overall, next week I suggest callback to do more. We focus on the top 5180 above the line of resistance, the bottom of the support to see in the 47804760 line. [natural gas] operation next week Western 1, below the line to do more than 47804760, 7090 profit, stop 50 points above the 51805200 profit; 2, short line, 7090 points target profit, stop 50 points profit. This article is for reference only相关的主题文章: