Toronto Curitiba bursting with popularity! Fans were tired of covering fans repeatedly

Toronto Curitiba bursting with popularity! Even some interviews with fans containment tired too fire sina sports news Beijing time on February 12th, the all star competition is the popularity of the show, then this year in Toronto all star weekend, who is the most popular? According to the San Francisco chronicle, the Jinzhou braves are among the most popular in Toronto. Came to Toronto Stephen – Curitiba, bursting with popularity, want to interview his reporters found that he was surrounded by a crowd of people, simply can not close. In this regard, an assistant in the curry team also reluctantly said: "these are not our people."." No matter whether he is in love, now surrounded by more and more people around the library, then arrived at Toronto’s de Raymond Green and clay Thompson also enjoy the same treatment. Warriors undoubtedly become the most popular weekend team of all stars this weekend. This is Kobe Bryant career last all star, as the host of the Raptors have Kell Lowry and Deluozan demarcay – two people as held outside the United States for the first time all star spokesperson, but all the people will look at the stars warriors. In the warriors star interview, in addition to reporters, fans are scrambling to occupy positions, only for the warriors star photos. After his 5 hour flight to Toronto, his eyes flushed with red eyes, he found that he had to deal with reporters’ short spears. He will be interviewed by NBA TV, NBA Cares, ESPN, SiriusXM radio, and Rachel Nicholls’s program "The Jump". He needs to remember a lot of what he should say and say something in an interview without pause. Finally, the three King NBA arena finally revealed weakness, he tossed a banana peel into the trash, but failed to hit "". In this regard, curry joked: "I do not get a rest, please, I have 2 children to raise ah."." 30 minutes later, Green and Thompson arrived at the same time. In order to disperse the crowd, the two men left. Green answered almost all the questions in the best of spirits, there is news that he has and Martina Serena – Williams’s agent Gil smolar signed; and Thompson is on where to find more interested in basketball training. So far this season, the warriors conquered each opponent in the field, the League won the best 48 wins and 4 losses. But beyond the court, the tougher test is still waiting for the warriors, waiting for the "king of pop" curry. (Chi Mei)

多伦多库里人气爆棚!连番采访球迷围堵累惨了 太火了   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月12日,全明星是比拼人气的大秀场,那么今年在多伦多全明星周末,谁的人气最高呢?据《旧金山纪事报》报道,金州勇士球星在多伦多最受追捧。   来到多伦多的史蒂芬-库里人气爆棚,想采访他的记者发现他被一大群人簇拥着,根本无法靠近。对此,库里团队的一名助理也无奈地表示:“这些都不是我们的人。”   不管他是否喜欢,如今簇拥在库里身边的人越来越多,随后抵达多伦多的德雷蒙德-格林和克莱-汤普森也享受到同样的待遇。勇士毫无疑问成为今年全明星周末最受追捧的球队。   这是科比-布莱恩特生涯最后一次全明星,作为东道主的猛龙也有凯尔-洛瑞和德马尔-德罗赞二人担任首次在美国本土外举办的全明星的形象代言人,但所有人仍将目光对准勇士群星。在勇士球星接受采访时,除了记者们,球迷们也争先恐后地挤占位置,只为和勇士球星们合影。   在结束了长达5小时的飞行抵达多伦多后,揉着发红双眼的库里却发现,他还得应付记者们的长枪短炮。他要先后接受NBA TV、NBA Cares、ESPN、SiriusXM电台,以及瑞秋-尼科尔斯的节目《The Jump》的采访。他需要记住很多该说的话,并在采访时要一口气说出,不能有停顿。   最终,这位NBA赛场上的三分王终于显露疲态,他随手将一个香蕉皮扔向垃圾桶,却未能“命中”。对此,库里也开玩笑说:“我根本得不到休息,拜托,我还有2个孩子要养啊。”   库里抵达30分钟后,格林和汤普森也同时抵达,为了分散人群,二人还分开走。格林兴致勃勃地回答了几乎所有问题,有消息称他已和网球女星塞雷娜-威廉姆斯的经纪人吉尔-斯莫勒签约;而汤普森则对在哪里能找到篮球场训练更感兴趣。   本季迄今,勇士在赛场上征服了一个个对手,取得联盟最佳的48胜4负。但在球场外,更严峻的考验仍在等待着勇士群星,等待着“人气王”库里。(魑魅)相关的主题文章: