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Turkey cross-border air strikes in Syria, the United States allies, the United States issued a warning – Sohu Military Channel on August 27th, Turkey, Gaziantep, Turkey tanks opened to the border with Turkey to fight against the Islamic state". In August 26th, Syria Aleppo, Syria free Army soldiers in the Euphrates River Shield action from the Islamic state recaptured Gela BRUZZI City, launched from door to door. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported on August 30th, the 29 day of the Turkey army and Kurdish armed warning requires both sides to stop the fighting in the northern regions of Syria, and said the Turku conflict is "unacceptable", must stop. The early morning of August 24th, Turkey launched the "Euphrates shield" action, captured the extremist terrorist organization Islamic state (IS) under the control of the Syria border city of Jalal Bruce. Subsequently, the Turkey armed forces in the vicinity of the Kurdish armed control of the village was a fierce blow. The Kurdish armed forces here are supported by the United States of Syria". Turkey’s official news agency reported on 29 August, the Turkey army in 28 days in 24 hours of jarrah 20 targets near Bruce for the 61 time shelling. Headquartered in the UK, the Syria Human Rights Watch, the Turkey air strikes and shelling killed at least 35 civilians were killed, but Turkey argued that only air strikes killed 25 Kurdish terrorists, no civilian casualties. Officials in Turkey say they have launched an attack to drive IS militants and Kurdish terrorists from the Syrian border. But Kurdish armed groups said the move is to occupy the territory of Syria, Turkey. U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter (Ashton) 29, told reporters at a press conference in, Turkey and Kurdish are important allies in the United States to combat IS action. The United States called on Turkey to stop the fight against Kurdish militants, continue to focus on combat IS. Carter reiterated at the press conference two times: "we have called on both sides not to attack each other, not to attack each other." American Broadcasting Company (ABC) reported that this is the United States to support the liberation of Turkey into the city of Bruce, Syria, the first time the criticism of the NATO allies. According to BBC reports, Kurdish militants have long been recognized as a terrorist organization in Turkey". Turkey in the past few decades, has been in the southeast of Turkey, a Kurdish opposition armed fighting. Turkey fears that once the Kurds succeed in northern Syria, the Kurdish separatist forces in Turkey will become more rampant. But at the same time, the Kurdish armed because of active against IS United States regarded as anti-terrorism allies, continued U.S. weapons training and support Carter stressed that Kurdish militants have been proved to be one of the important forces against IS. He said the Kurdish armed "will, also is" the east end of the Euphrates river. Carter said that the fight against IS is the top priority, the U.S. military action plan has not changed. Carter also said the United States will continue to work with Turkey and the library.相关的主题文章: