U.S. media said the U.S. came close to the South China Sea cruise delay do not want to provoke Chine aspack

U.S. media said the U.S. came close to the South China Sea cruise delay: do not want to provoke Chinese – Shandong Channel – people.com.cn August 5th, United States Navy "Boxer" amphibious assault ship is sailing Chinese the South China Sea, the crew is the maintenance of the helicopter deck. In August 5th, the United States Navy "Boxer" amphibious assault ship is sailing Chinese the South China Sea, a UH-1Y helicopter took off from the deck. According to U.S. media published in September 29 entitled "the troops were approaching to the South China Sea cruise" refers to the delay reported that the U.S. Navy since May this year, the implementation of a voyage in the South China Sea, so far there is no public to take this type of action. Some senior defense experts in the United States say the U.S. Navy should have carried out another similar voyage earlier. The navy "Larson" missile destroyer in October last year to enter the South China Sea Islands China within 12 miles of sailing, restored military disruption for many years in the area near the cruise. At that time, U.S. military officials said that such freedom of navigation would be normalized, about once every three months. Reported that the national interests in Washington think tank research center in September 28th a discussion at the meeting, many experts pointed out that the implementation of the type of sailing to the South China Sea last action is for more than four months ago, the U.S. has not taken action confusing and uncomfortable. Geoff Smith, director of the Asian Security Research Council of the U.S. Foreign Policy Council, said the US troops are delaying the next round of action. A senior researcher at the center for international and strategic studies, Ge Wei, also said at the meeting that the U.S. military should regularly, quietly and without undue fanfare in the South China Sea Navigation action. Earlier, China called the so-called free navigation operations in the South China Sea as a threat to China’s sovereignty, and insisted that the US forces would be prevented from taking such actions. Admiral Harris, Admiral of the US Pacific Command, confirmed in The Pentagon earlier this year that the implementation of navigation operations in the South China Sea could not be decided by the military, which was dominated by the white house. A The Pentagon spokesman said, No comment. us when to make a new round of incoming cruise. The White House recently issued directives to The Pentagon and the military, demanding that the South China Sea issue should not be provoked to provoke china. The Navy Times quoted four officials familiar with the secret document this week and reported that the White House National Security Council ordered the defense ministry leaders not to use the wording of "big power competition". In February, defense minister Carter said, "China is rising in the Asia Pacific region, and Asia Pacific" is returning to the competition of big powers". Admiral Richardson, the admiral of naval operations, also used the term "big country competition" in his maritime strategy. But the White House National Security Council instructed The Pentagon leaders to switch to less provocative words. (commissioning editor Nie Junqiong and Hu Honglin)

美媒称美军拖延赴南海抵近巡航:不想再激怒中国–山东频道–人民网   8月5日,美国海军“拳师”号两栖攻击舰正在中国南海海域航行,机务人员正在对甲板上的直升机进行维护。   8月5日,美国海军“拳师”号两栖攻击舰正在中国南海海域航行,一架UH-1Y直升机从甲板上起飞。   据美国媒体9月29日刊登题为《美军被指拖延赴南海抵近巡航》的报道称,美国海军自今年5月在南海海域实施了一次航行后,迄今为止再没有公开采取这类型行动。美国一些资深防务专家说,美国海军早就应该再次实施一次类似的航行行动。海军“拉森”号导弹驱逐舰去年10月进入南海中国岛礁12海里以内航行,恢复了美军中断多年的对这一海域的抵近巡航。当时,美国军方官员说,此类行使航行自由权的行动会常态化,大约每三个月举行一次。   报道称,在华盛顿智库国家利益研究中心9月28日举行的一场讨论会上,多位与会专家指出,美军上次到南海实施该类型航行行动已经是四个多月前的事情了,美军迟迟不采取行动令人费解和不安。美国外交政策理事会亚洲安全研究部主任杰夫?史密斯说,美军在拖延实施下一轮行动。国际与战略研究中心资深研究员葛莱仪也在会上说,美军应该定期、平静和不过分张扬地在南海实施航行行动。   报道称,此前,中国称美军在南海实施的所谓航行自由行动是对中国主权的威胁,并坚称会依法阻止美军采取此类行动。美军太平洋司令部司令哈里斯上将今年早些时候在五角大楼证实,何时在南海实施航行行动由不得军方做主,这是一项由白宫主导的国家政策。五角大楼一位发言人说,无可奉告美军何时做出新一轮抵近巡航。   有报道说,白宫最近向五角大楼和军方下达指令,要求在南海问题上不要采取可能激怒中国的举动。《海军时报》本星期援引熟悉这份秘密文件的四名官员的话报道说,白宫国家安全委员会在指令中要求国防部领导人不要使用“大国竞争”的措辞。   报道提到,今年2月,国防部长卡特曾说,中国在亚太地区崛起,亚太“回到大国竞争”。海军作战部长理查森上将也在他的海事战略上使用了“大国竞争”措辞。但是,白宫国安会指示五角大楼领导人改用煽动性不那么强的措辞。 (责编:聂俊穹、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: