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The mysterious X-37B aircraft as future astronauts ambulance U.S. R & D unmanned aircraft XS-1 to bring the war to the space X-37B space plane (aka orbital test vehicle) Tencent space news according to foreign media reports, a U.S. military aircraft mysterious belong now orbiting 500 days, but we still don’t know what it is its mission. In May 2015, 20, a pilot project headed by the U.S. air force, the X-37B space shuttle was launched at the top of the United Launch Alliance’s Atlas V rocket. Today, there is news that the aircraft may be in the future one day carrying sick astronauts back to earth. Experts say, for example, the Russian Soyuz space capsule, even SpaceX and Boeing’s capsule, want to bring back the sick astronauts too risky. Who has performed four missions in the former astronaut Stephen Robinson said that if people want to return to earth from space, if it is to return to the Soyuz, gravity at least to take the 4.5G flight, landing process will be very bumpy, and at the landing site in Kazakhstan may be unable to get the necessary medical treatment. Robinson and Etan, a graduate student at University of California at Davis, Halberg, will work together to find out if the X-37B space shuttle would be a better option. Halberg said the need for change should be to join a pilot as a back-up protection system for the current operation of the autopilot system. At the same time, X-37B capacity also needs to increase, from 2.5 cubic meters to an increase of up to 4.2 cubic meters, to accommodate the pilot and the other two people – patients and medical staff. Robinson said he envisaged the X-37B is unmanned aircraft, flying to the international space station, perhaps on the aircraft with cargo. The aircraft may orbit for a long time, ready to take sick or injured astronauts back to earth. There is a wide range of speculation about the role of the aircraft, which is supposed to be a space bomb, and some have speculated that it is carrying out a secret mission to get rid of the spy satellites. In May this year, the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket carrying the space shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral’s 41 launch platform. The mysterious plane is essentially a technical test rig that moves around the earth and can land as an ordinary NASA spacecraft. Some experts have said that the UAV is likely to be used to test the ability to improve U.S. spy technology. A secret of the Federation of American scientists expert Steven Aftergood said the U.S. government hopes to get all the sensitive information, although our intelligence satellites may have been very strong, but they also have their own limitations, is mainly caused by the satellite orbit parameters. And a spy plane might be able to help with air surveillance. The X-37B space shuttle (also known as the orbital test vehicle) was launched by a rocket, but when it landed, it would be used as a normal aircraft on the runway相关的主题文章: