Until dawn blood rushes PSVR experience 4D the ultimate enhanced version of the movie googims

"Ben" until dawn: blood PSVR experience 4D film ultimate enhanced version of Sina video game area until dawn [original] in said please indicate the source: "until dawn" blood ran before, you must know the game player in a variety of 4~8D small cinema popular high streets and back lanes a few years ago, this small cinema usually play some young people very scary CG video to attract curious, with large screen and 3D glasses, dynamic seat, and fairly good terrorist CG animation, you also say, so look really exciting! At present, the highest seems to have been to 12D (laugh) and this time I have experienced from the PSVR until dawn: Blood rush, it can be said that this is the ultimate version of the horror CG interactive movie. Wearing PSVR and headset, you start into a ghostly spirit from this world. Like most of 4~8D’s little movie routines, we’re all sitting in the same car as a roller coaster. But you can’t draw on small movie shoot, but in the "blood" ran until dawn, the gun will be the only tool you offset the fear, or just horror movies in CG. The PS4 camera can accurately capture your movements, whether handle or somatosensory controller can be a flying spear (the premise is must be your camera). Play the game not to experience the pleasure of the shooting but if you put it at the time of FPS, that is you of wrong, this demo is the key to let you experience the atmosphere of terror, and he did very successful. In the atmosphere, is not to say, completely immersed in the car experience: I can look around the terrible environment, stereo headset makes you feel as if someone is crying in your right side, then a lightning fork library sound, like a figure flashed, you turn to look at him, but found that this figure is also watching you…… Fortunately, the car is still walking. If it doesn’t go, I’ll go…… From the picture, the picture created by PSVR can only say just enough…… Well, PS3 level quality may be play on some sharp eyed people, but the game in the dark and wavering performance in the world but not to lose, especially in the slaughterhouse in the scene, piles of large fan pork and swinging a bloody slaughter knife tooth that gives the visual impact is very shocking. The sound did not say, the game of terror sound rang, full hear outside sounds, with the structure of PSVR closed, completely into the game to go, it can be said in SONY said, honest not bully me! But at the moment, it seems that only the horror game can create a strong sense of immersion, other types of games is much worse. So I think the new SONY for the use of a VR, that is "VR diet", because of a small Demo short I have been playing a head sweat, it will get a PSVR Fitness and beautiful sister Yoga also not god! (Editor: DY) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for.相关的主题文章: