USC student was accused Chinese case head of first-degree murder jessica rabbit

USC student Chinese murder case: the first accused of first-degree murder original title: the killing of USC murderesses Chinese students convicted of first-degree murder in Losangeles on 13 October, the Losangeles superior court jury ruled on the 13 day, the 18 year old Yalihandela · Guerrero; first-degree murder the establishment, she had two years ago with 3 associates of University of Southern California China student discipline is pleased to be beaten to death, the judge will formally sentenced in November 28th. Losangeles County Deputy Prosecutor John Mak Kenny in the statement, the night of July 24, 2014, the 16 year old Guerrero and her other 3 male companions at the University of Southern California campus near the attack back to the apartment from the school discipline is pleased, they with a baseball bat and wrench beating Ji pleased, the only "he is Chinese, estimates must be rich." At the age of 24, he was a graduate student in USC’s engineering department. He and his classmates walked back to their apartment after school. Guerrero 4 people siege assault Ji pleased, Ji pleased 4 people chase to escape, almost a street, on the way back to the apartment of the discipline is pleased to escape was full of blood, and finally died in the apartment. Mackinney said that Guerrero had before the incident a message on the social networking site Facebook said she wanted to rob, start objects to be white and Chinese. Guerrero accomplices were 20 year old Andrew – Garcia, Johnson – 21 year old Del and 19 year old Carmen Aerboduo – Aoqiwa, they will begin to enter the stage of trial in the next year. The 4 people such as Guerrero will be convicted of adults. The jury believes that Guerrero played a role in the mastermind of crime, her age cannot be her mitigating reason. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: