Vegetable prices have risen sharply in Shandong last week, while prices for eggs and meat have falle wetnwild

Last week, Shandong vegetable prices rise significantly eggs meat prices fell slightly in November 9th, Qilu network reporter learned from the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce last week, the province’s focus on monitoring the 13 major categories of 73 kinds of daily necessities 127 monitoring prices, 61 of the price of wholesale 34 up, 15 down, 12 flat 66 retail sectors; a retail price rose 38, down 26, 2 flat. With the change of season listed Qiucai concentrated period ended, part of the open, Pengcai arch into the end, the supply gap; the north and more severe fog and haze, vegetable production, sale, transport links are sluggish, the market demand "warming", vegetable prices rise. 30 varieties of vegetables the average wholesale price of the province’s focus on monitoring the 25 up, 5 down, the average wholesale price of 3.6 yuan a kilogram, up 8.11%; these increases are larger rape, spinach, cauliflower, zucchini, rose by 21.74%, 11.19%, 30.64%, 22.96%. Retail prices increased by 27, 3 decline, the average retail price was 5.17 yuan kilogram, up 4.02%, which rose more broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, eggplant, rose by 15.03%, 13.29%, 8.15%, 11.94%, respectively. The price of eggs was basically stable, the wholesale price was 6.46 yuan per kilogram, the chain fell by 0.92%; the retail price was 7.97 yuan per kilogram, the chain fell by 0.38%. The wholesale price of meat was 41.71 yuan per kilogram, down by 0.05%; the retail price was 47.58 yuan per kilogram, and the chain fell by 0.29%. The average wholesale price of 6 kinds of fruit varieties monitored decreased by 4.36% compared with the previous month, and the retail price decreased by 1.45%.

山东上周蔬菜价格涨势明显 蛋类肉类价格稍有下跌   齐鲁网11月9日讯 记者从山东省商务厅获悉,上周全省重点监测的13大类73种生活必需品127个监测价格,其中批发环节61个价格中34个上涨,15个下降,12个持平;零售环节66个零售价格中38个上涨,26个下降,2个持平。随着季节变化秋菜集中上市期结束,部分露天、拱棚菜步入尾声,供应青黄不接;北方多地雾霾天气严重,蔬菜出产、销售、运输环节不畅,市场需求“转暖”,影响菜价上扬。   全省重点监测的30个蔬菜品种平均批发价格25个上升、5个下降,平均批发价格为3.6元 公斤,环比上涨8.11%;其中涨幅较大的有油菜、菠菜、菜花、西葫芦,环比分别上涨21.74%、11.19%、30.64%、22.96%。零售价格27个上升、3个下降,平均零售价格为5.17元 公斤,环比上涨4.02%,其中涨幅较大的有西兰花、菜花、西葫芦、茄子,环比分别上涨15.03%、13.29%、8.15%、11.94%。   蛋类价格基本稳定,批发价格6.46元 公斤,环比下跌0.92%;零售价格7.97元 公斤,环比下跌0.38%。   肉类批发价格41.71元 公斤,环比下跌0.05%;零售价格47.58元 公斤,环比下跌0.29%。   重点监测的6种水果品种平均批发价格环比下跌4.36%,零售价格环比下跌1.45%。相关的主题文章: