Vintage Advertising Thermometers Are Collectible-pullip

UnCategorized Products and brand names of all kinds have been made famous by appearing on outdoor advertising thermometers. Today advertising thermometers are being used to promote a new generation of brand names and famous personalities. Vintage advertising thermometers have be.e very popular items among collectors of antiques and Americana. In an age of digital clocks, watches, cell phones and .puters, the mercury-filled analog thermometer is more popular than ever. Evoking the nostalgia of earlier times, modern outdoor advertising thermometers have captured the look of vintage thermometers. Stamped from tin or other durable metals, todays outdoor advertising thermometers have the look and feel of older styles. Popular themes for todays outdoor advertising thermometers range from cartoon characters and vintage cars to .ic slogans. Classic and vintage cars have always seemed to capture the imagination of collectors and automobile enthusiasts the world over. From the early days of the first horseless carriage to the muscle cars of the 1960s, Americans have always loved their cars and trucks. In fact, all things car-related have made their way onto collectible outdoor thermometers. Famous gasoline brands, motor oils, tires and car parts have remained very popular subjects for vintage and modern outdoor thermometers. Famous gasoline brand names like Esso, Texaco, Mobil and Shell Oil made their mark early on. While many gasoline brands have faded from our collective memory, new brand names have been developed and can now be seen as subjects for modern outdoor advertising thermometers. Still, the old brands evoke a memories of traveling the open road. Automobile and pickup truck brands like Chevy, Ford, Dodge and Chrysler have legions of loyal customers who remember the days of big powerful motors and classic styling. The incredible popularity of motor racing has been used as a way to promote product brand names in a big way. The phenomenal popularity of Nascar racing has produced a crop of popular drivers and racing teams. The .bination of exciting drivers and rivalries between American car brands has helped to fuel the expansion of motor racing like no other time in history. Individual drivers have attained superstar status and many drivers have hordes of loyal fans. Anxious to pay tribute to their racing favorites, fans actively seek out all manner of collectibles. Among one of the most popular and adored figures in stack car racing was the late Dale Earnhardt. Today his son Dale Earnhardt Jr. carries on the great racing tradition of the family. Bobble head dolls, tee shirts photographs and new outdoor thermometers are just some the collectible items adorning the homes and offices of racing fans. Famous personalities, from rock stars and cartoon characters to race car drivers are quickly a favorite among collectors of outdoor thermometers. Betty Boop, the Three Stooges and even Spider Man grace todays outdoor thermometers. Fans of Elvis, the king of rock and roll, Marilyn Monroe and sultry temptress and other superstars of the Twentieth Century still have their fans. Collectors as well as fans seek out all sorts of memorabilia in every shape and size. Elvis lamps, Marilyn dolls and other collectible items sell by the millions making some stars more popular, and wealthier, in death than they were in life. Ice cold beer is an American favorite and some beers have be.e classic examples of product branding. Old familiar brand like Strohs, Shlitz and Hamms are long gone but newer brands like Miller and Budweiser now rule the roost. Classic outdoor thermometers have given new life to brands of beer old and new alike. While nothing can replace the genuine vintage article, todays outdoor advertising thermometers can add just the right look to your patio, home interior or office. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: