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What are the 8 embarrassing things in the delivery room? – the number of mothers and children of the stars look forward to the moon, and finally until the day of the discharge of the mother ~ ~ ~ ~ but also excited and nervous. When the mother was sent into the delivery room, eyes only see some wearing masks and wearing a white coat doctor nurse, the family only waited at the door, my heart feel waves of fear. Children in addition to pain, there will be a lot of delivery room embarrassing things make you shame! – 1 – be naked no matter you are a lady or a pop star, into the delivery room where there are "dignity" and "identity"? All honest stripped pants lying on the bed he raped, privates so exposed in front of a bunch of people, so embarrassed! The doctor of childbirth is diagnosis and treatment process of conventional take off clothes, but also to facilitate the doctor to operate in childbirth ma. As a mother, must put the mentality of production, don’t feel insulted. You know, the doctor can help your baby come to the world of angels, with their help, I can finish production of this great and sacred things. – 2 – male doctor. Why am I so unlucky? Just get a male doctor, female doctors are on the go? In this world, only my husband intimate contact with your body, but is now exposed in front of a strange man, I really want to find a hole into! The doctor of Obstetrics male doctor but also have their own secret sorrow. The birth of bloody scenes and even their husband must not stand, but they will face such a bloody day in and day out, really is not easy! Moreover, their strength and energy more than female doctors, in dealing with unexpected situations more calm, contribute to the smooth delivery of hemp. – 3 – inside the "one finger reach the acme of perfection" is not a cover drop ~ palace mouth open? Open a few finger? A poke a by the way like deflower, acid is simply cool unspeakable. The purpose of the doctor’s internal examination is to find out the extent, speed and position of the fetus in order to understand the progress of labor. A lot of expectant mothers in the palace mouth just opened when asked to enter the delivery room, in fact, there is no good. Because the family’s companionship, more security than the cold delivery room. – 4 – shave pubic hair the most embarrassing barber shop, the most unfamiliar barber…… Let a stranger for his hair shaved light bottom, and shaving when she would think: this one’s nakedness was thick". Mom, can’t continue to think about, too shameful! Doctors interpret shaving jargon as "perineal skin" pubic hair, pubic hair removal, the doctor was convenient for the birth of perineal wound disinfection suture and mommy. Moreover, the pubic hair is easy to breed bacteria, the baby may be infected through the perineum. So, the skin of mommy and baby it is useful for the Da ~ – 5 – catheterization "Batui open, now for you to insert tube, endure!" In the delivery room, each Caesarean this ma相关的主题文章: