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Wine-Spirits Whisky is one of the most popular drinks ordered by men around the world. When you visit the best bars in Singapore, you will be able to order to most popular brands of this drink. If you are out on a special evening, ordering a whisky based cocktail will be the best way to start off the session. If you know the right .binations, you can even try out some of the most amazing whisky cocktails at home. Here are few whisky .binations that will help you to chill out at home and also while visiting the corporate bars in the country. Irish whiskey Irish whiskey when mixed with coffee with a tinge of lemon will help you with one of the most tempting cocktails. This cocktail is popularly known as Buena Vista Fizz and is available at all major pubs and bars in the country. A .bination of whiskey and lemonade that is sweetened by adding honey is a thoroughly refreshing drink that you can order the Singapore bars. You will love each and every sip of this drink because of the subtle flavor of the Irish whiskey blend well with the other ingredients. Bourbon whiskey The most popular bourbon based cocktail available in the island nation is called Old Fashioned and it is one of the oldest known cocktails too. This is a .bination of ice, sugar syrup, water and bitters. The variety in flavors is what makes this cocktail unique. When bourbon whiskey is added to this .bination, it makes one of the most revitalizing beverages and it is extremely luscious too. Another great bourbon based cocktail is The Revolver which has a strong coffee flavor mixed with a shade of orange extracts. The bitter taste of oranges added on to the coffee gives it a unique tang. Vampire Blues is another stunning cocktail variety that is majorly constituted of bourbon whiskey. You also need pumpkin butter or cream as ingredients to make this cocktail. Add a small amount of sugar syrup along with ice cubes to the cream and then pour the bourbon to dissolve the cream. You can enjoy this drink with the most popular brands of bourbon at the whiskey bars in the country and can easily make it at home too. Rye whiskey Rye whiskey which originated in from North America is one of the best ingredients to make some fabulous varieties of cocktails. When mixed with dry vermouth, bitters and rye whiskey it gives a unique blend of amazing beverage. You should ask for The Brooklyn when you visit the top bars in the country to enjoy this amazing drink. If you want to explore the amazing varieties of cocktails, try out the .bination of rye whiskey and red wine. Take a glass of rye whiskey and top it with ice cubes. Now add a portion of red wine to the glass and mix it in a slow pace. The .bination is simply fabulous and you will love each and every sip. This is an easy-to-make cocktail and would be a great drink to make during special occasions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: