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Computers-and-Technology The Importance of Quality MLM Leads Search the internet and you can find a number of sources for buying MLM leads. However you need to be cautious when purchasing leads. There have been cases where leads providers and resellers have scammed MLM business owners by offering MLM leads which are unchecked and severely out-dated. Buying MLM Leads When you choose to buy MLM leads, make sure that the type of leads match the type of marketing you will be conducting. For example if you are going to be calling your prospects on the phone or cold calling you should look for phone interviewed leads or phone qualified leads. Many people make the mistake of purchasing massive amounts of low quality cheap leads meant for email marketing thinking they are getting a better deal. You should focus on cost per conversion as opposed to cost per lead. With phone interviewed leads or qualified leads, your cost per lead will be higher, but you are more likely to sign up a new member into your business. If you have the wrong type of lead you may end up spending countless hours calling prospects who filled out some free home-based business form online and are not pre-qualified. Qualified MLM Leads Qualified MLM leads will be responsive to your offer and genuinely interested in building a home-based business. Look for opt-in leads that have been generated by a survey or an online request and verified by a telephone interview. Phone verified leads save you the time of qualifying and disqualifying every lead. Semi-Exclusive MLM Leads Questions to ask prospective suppliers of MLM leads include, Do you re-sell your leads? and How many times do you resell your leads? If the supplier informs you that leads are sold more than two times then the chances of a lead signing up into your program are going to be slim, as your leads may have already been contacted by three or more competitors? You will also want to ensure that the leads are never sold to another party promoting the same opportunity as yourself. You are looking for semi-exclusive leads. It is essential that you find out this information as it could prove very costly for your business in terms of both time and money. Questions to Ask When Purchasing Leads Here are some questions to get answered before purchasing: * How many times have these leads been sold? * How old are these leads? * Do you replace bad leads? * Does the company have a published phone number on their website? When you are purchasing MLM leads make sure you do your groundwork and research before you buy. Ask appropriate questions and demand the answers to your questions. If you are still unsure of the leads suppliers ask your upline sponsor or mentor for their advice in selecting a quality MLM leads provider. About the Author: Warren Pattison is an executive with Lead-Giant a high quality MLM leads provider. Lead Giant offers quality MLM leads such as Premium MLM Phone Qualified Leads and Real-Time MLM Leads. Warren has been in the industry for 10 years and holds a bachelors degree in Information Technology. For more information visit ..Lead-Giant.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: