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Why do you want to measure your temperature? Sohu wants the baby in many maternal women visit the doctor when you will account for measurement of basal body temperature, so you may be confused, I only have a fever when they doubt their temperature, why also want the baby thermometer? In the end what is the basic body temperature, and what is the relationship between pregnancy? What is basal body temperature? The state of the human body in the sober and very quiet, not affected by muscle activity, mental stress, food and environmental factors such as the temperature of the state". The body temperature measured on the basis of the state is called "basal body temperature". After 6-8 hours of sleep in the morning to wake up from sleep, the body temperature has not been affected by physical exercise or emotional changes in the measured body temperature, as the basic body temperature. What is the connection between the basal body temperature and pregnancy? The female is not immutable and frozen temperature, basal body temperature as the menstrual cycle, cyclical changes, with menstrual cramps, the body of small follicles gradually developed, when mature, that is an important ovulation time (generally occurs in the next time before menstruation 14 days after ovulation). If the sperm egg binding, is pregnant; if not pregnant, 14 days after the menstrual cramps again, so the key factor leading to changes in body temperature is normal ovulation, women in the menstrual period of low body temperature, with follicular development gradually, a hormone can make the temperature rise of the luteal secretion after ovulation, the body temperature rises about 0.3-0.6 C, high temperature lasts about 14 days after progesterone secretion decreased, the temperature in the next menstrual cramps will reduce. This is a normal female based low temperature table, we can see in the menstrual period of low body temperature, the ovulation period, pink region is in the picture, the temperature increased, increased after high temperature will be maintained for a certain period of time, the temperature in the next menstrual cramps will fall into the trough, into the low temperature period. Let’s look at women who don’t ovulate. How does body temperature change? Polycystic ovary syndrome is not ovulation as the main pathological features of the disease, the following is a diagram of temperature change chart of polycystic ovary syndrome patients, and can see no obvious high temperature and low temperature, and a fixed value under temperature. So if the successful pregnancy after ovulation, the success of pregnant women how to change the body temperature? The following figure can be seen as a result of progesterone after pregnancy increased body temperature, the body temperature will be higher than normal women, and continued to decline, has been maintained to childbirth. No contraception not pregnant for more than 1 years, or spontaneous abortion patients, even by pregnant women basal body temperature is required. The basal body temperature can not only understand whether women with ovulation, ovulation time, also can understand women luteal function? Of recurrent abortion patients should be what time for ultrasound in monitoring follicle, timely progesterone supplementation and so on. Infertile patients tend to think they have no ovulation, using urine test paper to detect ovulation, or ignore the B-monitoring follicular, luteal function, in fact, luteal function is not good is also an important cause of infertility, recurrent spontaneous abortion, a few pictures are small!相关的主题文章: