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Insurance Getting your car insured seems to be a costly option these days. Insurance rates are constantly growing and so do the gas prices, which turns a car from a useful household object to a rather expensive luxury if your budget is limited. And taking the fact that millions of households in the US are experiencing financial problems because of the economy the question of cutting insurance rates seems to be rather important and interesting. People are looking for methods to cut their premiums effectively and one of the most popular methods turns out to be exploring discount options with your provider. Discounts are used by many big and medium insurance .panies to reward loyal and low risk drivers. Small .panies can also offer discounts as a means of attracting new clients. Of course, the amount of discount as well as the situation in which it is trigger varies from .pany to .pany and you’ll definitely have to ask about all the discounts your current provider has to offer. However, there’s a general set of discounts that is shared by most providers and there’s a high chance of finding one of them with your current insurance .pany: Low mileage discount This discount can be rather useful to those who find the current gas prices too high and are forced to keep their car in the garage. If you drive less than 10,000 a year (the amount may vary depending on the .pany) there’s a high chance of getting a good car insurance discount. Multiple car discount Insurance providers like it when customers include more cars to a single policy. This makes it easier to do the paperwork and can actually reduce the cost of insuring these cars. So if you are including two or more cars under the same policy it’s very likely that your insurance provider will award you with a good discount. Multiple policy discount Many big insurance .panies offer different types of insurance services, not just car insurance. You may get your house insurance, health insurance and auto insurance from the same provider in some cases. And if you have the possibility to do that make sure you take it because it usually results in substantial savings. Insurance .panies really appreciate loyal clients who get multiple policies from them so expect to get a good discount. Loyal customer discount If you keep prolonging your policy with the same car insurance provider over the years there’s a high chance of getting a loyal customer discount. The number of years to opt for this discount varies from 3 to 5 years depending on the provider. So if you are satisfied with your current policy but feel that the rates could have been lower try to opt for this discount and show how loyal you are to the .pany. Good driver discount If you want to get a good discount there’s no better way of doing so by maintaining a clean driving record and being a good driver in general. If your record was initially good then you will instantly get lower rates. And if you manage to keep it clean of traffic violations and accidents for a couple of years your insurance .pany can award you with a better discount on your current car insurance premiums. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: