With pots and pots to make the classic pasta, old Beijing favorite food – Sohu eat and drink cibi

With pots and pots to make the classic pasta, old Beijing favorite food – Sohu eat and drink today to share with friends, is a time when the flowers will be very coveted pasta. Different from the old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste love everyone, see flowers bloom, is a shy and introverted knot fried pasta, first is vegetarian, side dishes are variety of vegetables and beans this Ding, alienated some meat loving friends. Make up, although simple, but some trouble, so even if the father and I love to eat, the mother also don’t often do, now, the way of hanging the appetite for cooking, it is to develop my eating habits. Always look forward to eating always feel is the best. Making fried knots are very interesting, it is hard to face, roll out and cut into small pieces, then the fun, usually with two stainless steel vegetable washing basin, cut the knot in a bowl, then two pots buckle, shaking up and down. Small knots in the basin polished edges and corners, but also because of each other with flour, no longer adhesion. As for garnish, carrots, cucumbers, diced celery can also put beans, some families also put peanuts, flowers in the restaurant Dianmen accessories also eat to put the egg into knots, very small, to buy this one in a continuous line. If you are a native of Beijing, I believe it will miss this "pots" food. 1, when the dough does not require fermentation, but must be hard, like some dry skin can be, because the dough covered with cloth after half an hour if the water proofing, the dough itself is soft, it made out of small gnocchi special love stick. 2, after taking out the roll out, roll into about 1 cm thickness of the patch. 3, the patch width is cut into 1 cm small noodles, then cut into small lumps. In the process of cutting, surface underground to put the amount of thin powder. 4, followed by the start of the basin, if the home is only a basin, then put a small number of knots, about shaking, put more easily out. 5, the pot boiling water, the lump, etc. the water boiling again, cook for 1 minutes. Picked up the spare. 6, soak the beans, boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes, otherwise the beans are hard. At the same time, the amount of cut onion ginger, carrot root half Ding, Ding 1 root cucumber. 7, take a hot pan, add appropriate amount of edible oil, saute the onion ginger, add beans and carrots to stir fry for about 2 minutes, then add gnocchi. 8, add soy sauce, oyster sauce, stir evenly, after 2 minutes into the cucumbers. 9, according to personal taste, as appropriate, then put salt, pro pot put a few drops of vinegar, taste will be particularly fragrant. [flower] senior writer national delicacy original public nutritionist multi platform media columnist since the signing of global contract since the media authority media CCTV, Beijing Rui Crowe TV, Shaanxi TV and other invited guests show delicacy stalls相关的主题文章: