Women do not give up 1 yuan will be retarded children lost when the bus station to find lost govos

The woman is not 1 dollars will be found in mentally retarded children lost back when the bus station lost Ms. Yang and his son Wang Zi went to Beijing this year when the photo of Ms. Yang with a ballpoint pen in the original paper to write on without notice. Guangzhou daily news   (reporter Lin Yimin photo coverage)   he is a little difficult to take care of themselves, usually have to eat meals, have lost 5 days." Yesterday, who lives in Ms. Yang Liwan District rebellion, his November 3rd because it is not willing to throw a money into the box, the 9 year old son in the bus station, but back when the son has disappeared. Now, every day she frantically looking for, only to find your son. Don’t give up a dollar   but fell son "I thought he would obediently in place waiting for me to come back, did not expect never to see him again." Yesterday, the distance from Ms. Yang’s son to look after the child has been lost for 5 days, recalled the time after, she still can not help but remorse: it is my fault, it should not be like this, I lost my son." Ms. Yang’s son Wang Tsai 9 years old this year, because a child had a high fever, resulting in low intelligence, not only can not read the book, even the simple life of the people need to take care of life. "He’s like a baby. He doesn’t know anything. He has to feed people." Ms. Yang also said that the son said it is difficult to understand outsiders, only they can understand. Ms. Yang said, the afternoon of November 3rd, with his son came to the nearby bus station Yu Xian Lu, ready to ride 623 road to find friends to chat. She said, at that time on the 25 bus, on the bus, according to her usual habit to the coin box cast a piece of money. Ms. Yang explained that because of their own economic conditions are very limited, before the bus usually only give a piece of money, to the driver that plead, the driver would not say what. But this time, the driver saw she only gave a piece of money, requires more money to fill Ms. Yang, "for me, let alone three dollars, I even a piece of money are not willing to." So, the two sides quarrel a few words, the son looked at the child and therefore did not dare to get on the car, and the driver was driving. Ms. Yang said, when he wanted to get off and wait for the next one, but I thought the driver said a piece of money has been invested not to "refund", the heart is not the taste, so she will be their first ride away. Ms. Yang said that he thought his son usually well behaved, even let him walk away in place waiting for him will obediently wait, but never thought that this time he let her "I see too late to regret, after a friend about 1 hours back to the station, found that Wang Zi had disappeared." Too late to regret   Miss son through the dense handshake floor, from the dark into the door, Ms. Yang and his son live in the vicinity of eight Zhongshan Road, a small rental house. Although the house is only forty or fifty square meters, but everywhere filled with memories of his son. Ms. Yang said, his more than and 40 year old, from Zhejiang, because her husband has the tendency of domestic violence, a few years ago, she took the little son Wang Zi came to Guangzhou street, the eldest son of 3相关的主题文章: