Yancheng woman mistakenly throttle when the brake nine granny had died (video)-tianbi

Yancheng woman mistakenly throttle when the brake nine granny hit and killed the old lady was killed on the spot suspected driver mistook the accelerator when the brake at noon on September 26th at about 11 o’clock, downstairs in the Hede town of Sheyang County Chaoyang District behind the placement of a nine year old woman with over sixty years of my nephew talking downstairs, a from the west to the east of the car in the process of turning back, allegedly because the driver mistook the throttle when the brake, two people will be knocked down, accident caused the old lady died on the spot, nephew injured, vehicles damaged. When reporters rushed to the scene, the injured nephew has been sixty 120 ambulance shuttle to the hospital for treatment, no signs of life in the old lady lying on the stairs next to the unit, his family has been covered with a sheet, the old lady was sitting on the chair has come apart, a yellow car head North Cross parked downstairs in the alley where, after the car windshield broken off, leaves in depression. More than anyone who saw the accident of the public told reporters that the old lady of litchi, sitting on the stairs next to the chair, and nephew in chatting, the car is from the west to turn over reversing, the result may be wrong throttle when the brake, which leads to the tragedy. Litchi news reporter later learned that the car driver was a middle-aged woman, after the accident, due to excessive shock, was also sent to the hospital. The old lady’s son told reporters that this year has been ninety year old mother, just came down ten minutes out of the accident. At present, the accident treatment police have carried out the scene investigation, the specific cause of the accident remains to be further identified.

盐城女子误将油门当刹车 九旬老太被撞身亡 老太太被撞当场身亡疑似女司机误将油门当刹车 9月26日中午11点钟左右,在射阳县合德镇朝阳小区后面的安置楼下,一名九旬的老太太与年过六旬的侄儿在楼下说话时,一辆由西向东的轿车在倒车调头过程中,疑因驾驶员误将油门当刹车,将两人撞倒,事故导致老太太当场身亡,侄儿受伤,车辆损坏。记者赶到现场时,受伤的六旬侄儿已被120救护车接送到医院救治,没有了生命迹象的老太太躺在单元楼梯口的旁边,身上已被家人用床单覆盖,老太太生前坐的藤椅已经散架,一辆黄色的轿车头朝北横停在楼下的巷子里,车后的挡风玻璃破碎脱落,叶子板凹陷变形。多名目睹事故发生的市民告诉荔枝新闻记者,当时老太太坐在楼梯口旁边的藤椅上,与侄儿在谈话聊天,轿车是从西边倒车过来想调头的,结果可能是误将油门当刹车了,才导致悲剧的发生。荔枝新闻记者随后了解到,轿车驾驶员是一名中年女性,事故发生后,因受到过度的惊吓,也被送到医院抢救了。老太太的儿子告诉记者,老母亲今年已经九十高龄了,刚从楼上下来十分钟左右,就出了这个横祸。目前,事故处理民警已对现场进行了勘查,具体的事故原因还有待进一步的认定。相关的主题文章: